Emergency Response Task Force

Record of Decision

Meeting of Thursday, April 16, 2015

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1. Opening Remarks by Chair

The Chair opened the meeting and welcomed the participants.

The Chair also indicated that the afternoon portion of the meeting will focus more on Subgroup 4 and the future of the ERTF.

Chris Powers
Chair, ER Task Force
Transport Canada
2. Approval of the Agenda The Agenda was approved as presented. All
3. Approval of the March 19, 2015
Meeting Record of Decision

Status update regarding the presentation from Monica Blaney (mapping) has been uploaded on the SFT site and is available to Task Force Members. The updated calendar for Subgroup 4 has been sent; however there may be some changes regarding the schedule.

The March 19, 2015 ERTF meeting Decision Record was reviewed and approved as is.

Mylaine DesRosiers ERTF Secretariat Transport Canada
4. Subgroup 5 Update

The Chair provided an update regarding Subgroup 5 on Training.

Members are awaiting the results of a request to the NFPA to amend training standards. While they wait (process can take up to 2 years), a focus group will be established to develop guidelines. The ERTF Secretariat submitted a request for funding to the DRDC-CSS for this endeavor. Denis Lauzon reported that NFPA representatives were recently called to the White House to discuss train derailment issues as they relate to flammable liquids.

To avoid delays in the meantime, members have established a focus group to develop a firefighting awareness program and training curriculum that will be specific in addressing rail incidents of flammable liquids. AAR/API confirmed that the group can use their program to develop a Canadian version. The idea would be to set up an online training program similar to what the Canadian Fertilizer Institute offers, followed by a hands on segment – foam trailers etc, hands on techniques for derailment incidents.

The group will meet initially in Calgary on April 20, 2015 to begin the preliminary work. Enform will facilitate this meeting. Meanwhile, a funding request was submitted to Transport Canada to fund the continuation of this initiative during a 2 day face to face meeting in Calgary in late May or early June 2015.

Chris Powers Chair, ERTF Transport Canada
5. Subgroup 3 Update

The Vice-chair provided an update regarding Subgroup 3 on Flammable Liquids. Most of the work has been focusing on developing a methodology and identifying criteria to categorize and prioritize Class 3 PG I and PG II flammable liquids. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have now completed the data.

SMEs presented suggested criteria that needed to be identified; there will be proposed recommendations regarding Class 3 PG I and PG II flammable liquids provided in their Report.

With Subgroup 3 now wrapped up, Subgroup 4 on ERAP activation is expected to begin in April 2015.

There is more scientific data and analysis to be done on Class 3 PG III and subsidiary classes. A recommendation was made for the TDG Directorate to continue the analysis pertaining to Class III with subsidiary classes and other classes that would have a subsidiary Class 3. Items for future consideration:

  1. Whether or not the identified flammable liquids should be ERAPable; and
  2. Whether or not the volume and frequency of transport should be a factor in the determination.

ERTF members support the recommendation that the TDG Directorate continue the analysis using a risk based approach.

Louis Laferrière
Vice-chair, ERTF
Transport Canada
6. Presentation on CACD-Who they are and the role they play in the shipping of Dangerous Goods in Canada

The presentation was well received by the group.

Jim Bird
Canadian Association
of Chemical Distributors
7. Subgroup 4 and the future of the ERTF

The Chair announced that he could be retiring at the end of May 2015 but will continue to act in an advisory capacity as required until the end of October 2015.

The Vice-Chair announced his retirement effective immediately.

Members expressed their disappointment and concerns over losing the Chair and Vice-Chair’s leadership at this time. Members congratulated both of them on a job well done. Peter Coyles, Special Advisor to the Director General –TDG, offered to help guide and facilitate both the ERTF and Subgroup 4 members in their deliberations until the end of the ERTF mandate. The mandate is expected to be completed by the end of June 2015 but any work that TC will accomplish in follow-up to the ERTF recommendations, over the course of the summer, will be reported to members in the fall 2015 (either face-to-face or secretarially). The ERTF members will also be consulted in advance of the final report which is expected by the Minister of Transport by the end of July 2015.

8. Roundtable – Questions and Answers

Daniel Rubenstein commented on behalf of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. FCM identified outstanding issues that still require answers. Even though much work is being accomplished with respect to firefighter training development, 2 major questions still remain.  The municipalities want to know:

  1. What is an ERAP? (e.g. TC needs to make templates available); and
  2. What is the purpose of ERAP?

Subgroup 5 is currently working on a firefighter training awareness program and training curriculum and some components will be geared toward all first responders (what to do and what not to do when faced with a rail incident involving flammable liquids).

Subgroup 4 will be addressing some of the questions that remain re: ERAP, including ERAP activation.

The Secretariat also reminded members to submit their suggestions for agenda items to Mylaine DesRosiers (mylaine.desrosiers@tc.gc.ca) or the Secretariat (TC.ERTFSecretariat-SecretariatGTIU.TC@tc.gc.ca).

Participants’ concerns, questions or suggestions are included in a consultation record which will be updated on a regular basis.

NEXT MEETING When: Thursday, May 14, 2015
Where: 330 Sparks Street, Place de Ville – Tower C,
Ottawa, Ontario (FC 27-28-29-30)
Time: 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST