Highlights of recent efforts to improve the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Program

The Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Program recently worked on the following projects:

  • updating, amending and implementing various standards, regulations and acts to promote safety for Canadians and of the environment
  • enhancing national consistency in oversight procedures by improving the TDG Inspectors' Manual and by developing and delivering a more robust and comprehensive inspector training program
  • improving and creating awareness materials and tools for various audiences, such as the guide “You're Not Alone” for emergency response planning for rail incidents involving flammable liquids
  • updating Emergency Response Assistance Plans and leading two series of simulation exercises (Exercise Vulcan and Exercise Athéna) to improve Canada's response capabilities in the event of an incident involving a train carrying flammable liquids such as crude oil
  • making improvements to the data collection and record keeping for inspections, mainly to ensure proper measures can be taken when there are violations
  • holding a TDG Research Symposium to consult with stakeholders on TDG research ideas and to help identify gaps in current TDG research, as well as conducting a peer review of research project ideas after the event
  • collaborating with Canadian and U.S. partners on scientific, engineering, risk and socio-economic research related to the transportation of dangerous goods
  • improving support and engagement with first responders and communities
  • looking into the use of a Transportation of Dangerous Goods registration platform to identify most stakeholders and sites that handle, offer for transport, transport and import dangerous goods, to provide a more complete picture of all TDG regulated entities
  • engaging communities and stakeholders on emergency response and dangerous goods classification
  • promoting Canadian innovation, such as with the Regulatory Sandbox on Electronic Shipping Documents
  • helping develop the Emergency Response Guidebook 2020
  • maintaining open channels with external and international groups to keep improving the transportation of dangerous goods in Canada

Transport Canada is committed to improving the efficiency and efficacy of its programs to deliver a safe and secure system for the transportation of dangerous goods in Canada.