Distractions Can Be Deadly



(A RAIL CROSSING. The gates are down, the lights are flashing, the bells ringing. A train rumbles by. Our FIELD REPORTER is standing a safe distance from the tracks—but is near enough that the noise is too loud for him to speak over. He gestures to the train, then walks off again.

CUT TO the REPORTER standing some distance from the crossing. The train is gone. He faces the camera.)

With all that noise, you might think it’s an easy thing to avoid a train. But some trains don’t whistle at crossings. And distractions like cell phones or loud music can pull your attention away from the road—and the tracks. So when you approach a railway crossing, keep focused and reduce your speed—like this person here.

(CUT TO: A CAR approaches and slows down; and then to a pair of CLOSE SHOTS inside the car: The driver turning down the music on the stereo…A CELL PHONE lying idle in a storage tray…)

Turn your music down and forget about calls and texts until you get to the next parking lot.

(CUT TO the REPORTER near the crossing. He addresses the camera.)

Look carefully, and obey all crossing signals.

Look. Listen. Live. It’s pretty simple.

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