Foreign Licence Validation Certificates


Foreign pilots are subject to the same requirements as Canadian pilots. Transport Canada’s (TC) regulations ensure that foreign pilots operating in Canada are fully qualified.

To act as a flight crew member in a Canadian registered aircraft, a foreign licence holder must hold an appropriate Canadian Pilot Licence, Permit or a Foreign Licence Validation Certificate.

Foreign pilots wishing to fly in Canada have two options: obtain a Canadian Pilot Licence or apply for a Foreign Licence Validation Certificate.

For foreign pilots to obtain a Canadian commercial or airline transport pilot license, they must meet all of Canada’s licensing requirements. These include the requirements to:

  • obtain a Canadian medical certificate
  • complete an application
  • pass written examinations
  • complete a flight test
  • provide proof of flight experience

If a pilot choses to fly in Canada through a Foreign Licence Validation Certificate, prior to the issuance of the validation of the Foreign Licence Validation Certificate, TC licensing staff examine the following:

  • A completed application and declaration that the pilot holds a valid licence and medical certificate that are appropriate for the privileges required for the operation and are legally valid in the State that issued the licence; including evidence of:
    • A valid foreign flight crew licence or a valid temporary foreign flight crew licence endorsed with privileges and ratings which apply to the Foreign Licence Validation Certificate application
    • A valid medical certificate issued by the same State that issued the licence.
      Note: In the case of a licence issued by a member country of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), a medical certificate issued by any EASA member country
    • A valid English or French language proficiency rating set by ICAO.
  • A detailed description of the operation the applicant will undertake
  • The geographical location where the operation will take place
  • The time required to complete the specific operation
  • A brief explanation of why the operator cannot use a Canadian flight crew licence holder

Quick Facts

  • On average, TC issues over 85,000 licenses to flight crew, aircraft maintenance engineers and air traffic controllers each year. Of that total, 586 Foreign Licence Validation Certificates were issued in 2016, of which 176 were for commercial aviation purposes.
  • TC validates and verifies flight crew licences issued by an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) contracting State for use in Canadian registered aircraft and will issue a Canadian Foreign Licence Validation Certificate only if the appropriate regulations are met.

For more information about Foreign Licence Validation Certificates, please consult this Advisory Circular: