Gender Based Analysis Plus (GBA+)

General information

Governance structures

Transport Canada’s Gender Based Analysis (GBA+) Centre of Excellence provides oversight and guidance on all of the department’s GBA+ initiatives. The Centre:

  • Supports and monitors all GBA+ initiatives;
  • Leads a “GBA+ Intra-departmental Network” to promote integrating GBA+ tools and knowledge into our operations;
  • Serves as the main point of contact for:
  • Supports a “GBA+ Champion” who:
    • Provides GBA+ leadership and awareness throughout our department; and
    • Represents Transport Canada at Assistant Deputy Minister-level meetings and working groups;
  • Works closely with subject matter experts (e.g., within air, rail, marine, etc.) to:
    • Develop GBA+ assessments in support of any of the following:
      • Memoranda to Cabinet (MCs);
      • Treasury Board Submissions;
      • Budget proposals; and
      • Advertising; and
    • Guide project leads on how to:
      • Access online GBA+ training; and
      • Conduct GBA+ assessments.
Human resources

The GBA+ Centre of Excellence has two employees dedicated to GBA+ implementation.

The GBA+ Intra-departmental Network has over 50 members from across the department, who:

  • Attend regular GBA+ meetings to share ideas and advance implementation of Transport Canada’s three-year GBA+ Action Plan; and
  • Serve as points of contact for GBA+ questions/assessments within their respective teams/programs.
Planned initiatives

A number of 2018-19 GBA+ planned initiatives described within our three-year Action Plan include:

  • Introducing mandatory basic GBA+ training for all employees and additional training for members of the GBA+ Network;
  • Updating GBA+ checklists with more examples and guidance to help subject matter experts develop assessments for MCs, Treasury Board Submissions and Budget proposals;
  • Working with our Communications branch to create opportunities to increase our employees’ GBA+ awareness (e.g., via our intranet, social media, lobby screens, etc.);
  • Using the Action Plan as a tracking tool for GBA+ initiatives;
  • Reporting annual GBA+ progress to SWC by completing a survey questionnaire designed to provide:
    • SWC an overview of each department’s strengths and weaknesses in the context of adopting GBA+ processes, analysis and practices as well as the advancement of GBA+ across the whole-of-government; and
    • Our Department the opportunity to self-assess progress and reflect on challenges.

In addition, SWC is in the final stages of developing a “GBA+ Evaluation Guidance Tool” for assessing the quality of every GBA+ analysis done for proposals to Cabinet.

Moving forward, we plan on aligning our future GBA+ tools and processes with our results indicators (both our internal indicators and those we report on publicly within the Departmental Plan or on GC InfoBase).