Grade Crossing Improvement Program approved under the Railway Safety Act

Name of transfer payment program

Grade Crossing Improvement Program approved under the Railway Safety Act

Start date

January 1, 1989

End date


Fiscal year for terms and conditions


Strategic Outcome

A safe and secure transportation system

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Program 3.3: Rail Safety

Sub-program 3.3.3: Rail Safety Awareness and Grade Crossing Improvement


Payments made to railway companies and road authorities (including provinces and municipalities) to improve safety at public road/railway grade crossings.

Expected results

Safety improvements at grade crossings in order to reduce accidents and incidents.

Fiscal year of last completed evaluation


Decision following the results of last evaluation


Fiscal year of planned completion of next evaluation


General targeted recipient groups

Municipalities and local organizations (road authorities) and industry (rail companies).

Initiatives to engage applicants and recipients

Quarterly conference calls with key recipients, Transport Canada’s website and outreach activities.

  Forecast Spending
2014–15 ($)
Planned Spending ($)
Planned Spending ($)
Planned Spending ($)
Total grants 0 0 0 0
Total contributions 10,447,342 10,945,000 10,945,000 10,945,000
Total other types of transfer payments 0 0 0 0
Total transfer payments 10,447,342 10,945,000 10,945,000 10,945,000