Important Safety Information on COSCO, Eddie Bauer and Safety 1st Car Seats

For immediate release
August 31, 2007

Transport Canada is advising the public that when in forward-facing mode, the harness system that holds the child into the seat can loosen on the Cosco, Eddie Bauer and Safety 1st 3 in 1 car seats. This creates slack in the harness system, which reduces the effectiveness of the child seat in the event of a vehicle collision and could create excessive movement of the child's body and head, which could lead to serious injury.

This recall will affect 314,433 units. The following models (dates of manufacture: November 1, 2003 to December 31, 2005) are affected:

  • Cosco Alpha Omega: 22C15BNP, 22C15CRK, 22C15ROR, 22C15TUX, 22C26BNG, 22C26GRH
  • Cosco Alpha Omega Elite: 22C51HMR, 22C51TRP, 22155CSPH
  • Eddie Bauer 3 in 1: 22C75AFD, 22C75ARD, 22C75EBN, 22C75MPB, 22C76SHL
  • Eddie Bauer Deluxe 3 in 1: 22C71BGL, 22C71BLD, 22C71MAC, 22756CLRS, 22756CBAL, 22757CMRC, 22757CLKM
  • Safety 1st Enspira: 22C50TWL, 22C50WFD
  • Safety 1st Intera: 22C46BDF, 22C46BDN, 22C46BKY, 22C46GEO

Dorel Juvenile Group, Inc. and Dorel Distribution Canada have completed an intensive research program to develop an engineering solution. Part of this effort involves a change of supplier for the centre front adjuster. The new centre front adjuster does not allow for harness slippage. The fix offered by the company is a knit adjuster strap, instead of a woven strap, which will eliminate any slippage.

Consumers who have completed and returned their registration card will receive notice by mail. Those who have not sent in the registration card should contact Dorel Distribution Canada at the toll free number (1-800-219-0540) or via email at

Until the replacement adjuster strap is received, Dorel Distribution Canada recommends the continued use of the product. Consumers should not return the affected units to a retailer.

A Public Notice was issued by Transport Canada on August 31, 2007, and further information on the Cosco, Eddie Bauer and Safety 1st car seat harness slippage can be found on Transport Canada's website at:

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Media requiring more information:

Jessie Chauhan
Transport Canada
(613) 993-0055