Oceans Protection Plan priorities: What we heard (2020 infographic)

From October 2018 to October 2020, we asked your thoughts on Oceans Protection Plan priorities. The consultation was done online through Let’s Talk – Oceans Protection Plan.

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Oceans Protection Plan Priorities: What We’ve Heard

  • Online consultation ran from October 2018 to October 2020
  • 376 registrants
  • 200 comments received

We asked your thoughts on the following Oceans Protection Plan priorities:

  • Creating a world-leading marine safety system
  • Protecting and restoring marine ecosystems
  • Creating stronger Indigenous partnerships and engaging coastal communities
  • Making decisions based on scientific evidence

You responded:

The Government of Canada needs to do more of the following to meet these priorities:

  • Improve regulation of marine traffic
  • Address the effects of shipping on the marine environment
  • Continue to partner with Indigenous peoples on marine safety, including learning from their Traditional Knowledge
  • Continue to partner with the scientific community to improve marine safety and preserve and restore marine ecosystems

Have your say and read the full summary: www.letstalktransportation.ca/opp

Learn more about how we are protecting our coasts: http://www.canada.ca/protecting-our-coasts

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