Katia Canciani elected Chair of the NATO Transport Group Civil Aviation

From: Transport Canada

Katia Canciani

Katia Canciani, who works in Transport Canada’s Civil Aviation’s Contingency and Emergency Planning division, has been elected Chair of the NATO Transport Group Civil Aviation (TG CA). She will serve until May 2022.

TG CA: a top NATO advisory board

The NATO TG CA is part of the Civil Emergency Planning Committee, the top NATO advisory body for the protection of people and resources. The Civil Emergency Planning Committee provides NATO with essential civilian expertise and capabilities in crisis preparedness and consequence management, humanitarian and disaster response, and critical infrastructure protection.

Specifically, the NATO TG CA:

  • plans for air transport of people and goods
  • pursues joint civil-military plans to provide NATO civil air transport capability
  • develops training to prepare experts who will support NATO

Civil preparedness related to the transport sector is essential to NATO’s response capacity. In fact, in large operations, civilian resources are responsible for around 90 per cent of military transport.

Building expertise

The TG CA maintains a pool of civilian experts from all member States. They are prepared to support NATO in the event of a crisis.

Since her nomination, Katia has been working on adding Canadian civil aviation experts to the pool. To reflect the current civil aviation threat and environment, she has also recommended that Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems be added as an area of expertise.

Katia Canciani – a woman of ambition and leadership

Katia’s election as Chair is an example of how women are increasingly being represented in the aviation sector, in Canada and around the world.

Katia has shown impressive ambition and leadership. She’s advanced key files, and consistently delivers high-quality products. She works hard to make sure that her division’s mandate is well understood.

Thank you Katia for your contributions to this international alliance!