Minister Garneau helps Prime Minister Trudeau track Santa

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Christmas music starts. View of Santa's hand as he puts his cell phone on Airplane-mode.

Two hands texting. Text on screen:

  • Hi Santa. Please thank Mrs. Claus for the amazing socks.
  • On your way?

Mr. Prime Minister is in his office and sends text messages to Santa. Text on screen:

  • Santa. Are you there?
  • Is everything ok?

Mr. Prime Minister makes a phone call.

Minister Garneau picks up the phone in his office.

Minister Garneau: Mr. Prime Minister, it's great to hear from you!

Prime Minister: Hey Marc. Listen. Where is Santa? He usually responds to my text messages and I'm not hearing from him. Is everything under control?

Minister Garneau: Mr. Prime Minister, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. We are closely watching Santa and he's well on his way. I've reminded Santa to put down his cell phone so he's not tempted to talk, or text. I don't want Santa to get distracted while he's driving his sleigh.

Prime Minister: Of course you did, Marc. Thank you - I knew you had everything under control. Merry Christmas!

Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Garneau hang up. Minister Garneau looks straight at the camera.

Minister Garneau: Santa is cleared for takeoff and he's on his way. As you travel to see your family and friends, keep your eyes on the road and avoid being distracted. It doesn't matter whether you're on a highway or stopped at a red light – when you're not focused on the road, things can happen very fast. Stay safe and happy holidays.

Text on screen:

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