Office of Reconsideration

The Office of Reconsideration reviews certain decisions made by the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities and serves marine workers who have applied for a Transportation Security Clearance and who have been refused, or who have had their Clearance cancelled under the Marine Transportation Security Regulations.

Persons may apply to the Office of Reconsideration to have these decisions reconsidered. It is important to note that the Office of Reconsideration does not make a determination; rather, it makes recommendations to the Minister.

Need more information?

This site provides the information needed to apply and submit an application to the Office of Reconsideration, as well as information about other options, such as requesting a judicial review of the initial decision. For more information or to fill out an application, please visit the following link:

Marine Transportation Security Clearance Reconsideration

Notice to air passengers:

Please note that Transport Canada’s Office of Reconsideration no longer reviews decisions related to the Passenger Protect Program. Individuals who have been denied boarding under the Passenger Protect Program and who have received an Emergency Direction can visit the following link:

If You Have Been Denied Boarding Under the Passenger Protect Program (PPP)