Shore Power Technology for Ports Program

The application period for the program is currently closed. Please continue to check the website for updates and application information.

The Shore Power Technology for Ports Program (SPTP) is part of the Government of Canada’s efforts to limit air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in Canada and to improve air quality in ports near major cities.

The program reduces emissions by reducing ship idling at ports. This is one way Canada is acting on its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 17% from 2005 levels by 2020.

The program will provide up to 50% of the funding for implementing marine shore power technology at Canadian ports. This technology allows docked ships to turn off their auxiliary diesel engines and connect to electric power.

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For more information, or to request copies of the Port Metro Vancouver Shore Power Project case study, contact the program by mail or email:


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Telephone: 613-991-1196