Projects funded by the Transportation Asset Risk Assessment Program

Since April of 2018, Transport Canada has received project proposals under the Transportation Asset Risk Assessment (TARA) Program under three calls for proposals, with the most recent call closing in October 2020. To date, $2.6 million has been approved in grant and contribution funding, to 20 projects which focus on improving the understanding of climate change-related risks and vulnerabilities to federal transportation infrastructure.

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Recipient Location Project description Funding
Calgary Airport Authority Calgary, Alberta Calgary Airport Authority will develop a screening process to evaluate the potential disruptions extreme weather could cause to the daily operations of Calgary International Airport and Springbank Airport. $291,086
Belledune Port Authority Belledune, New Brunswick The Belledune Port Authority will identify, analyse and evaluate the Port's climate change related risks. The project aims to determine any shortfall in the ability of infrastructure to absorb the negative effects of climate conditions. $71,768
Prince Rupert Port Authority Prince Rupert, British Columbia The Prince Rupert Port Authority will investigate ways to maximize resiliency of ports to climate change, develop a deeper understanding of how climate change will impact the Prince Rupert Port Authority, and develop a transferrable method for business partners and stakeholders to plan and execute resilience measures to advance climate change risk assessment research. $399,816
Saint John Airport Inc. Saint John, New Brunswick The Saint John Airport will research and analyse the Saint John Airport's current and future risks and vulnerabilities to climate hazards. The results of this assessment will serve as the foundation and part of a broader strategy and capital program addressing climate change and protecting their operations and increasing resiliency. $205,740
Vancouver Fraser Port Authority. Vancouver, British Columbia The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority will perform coastal flood hazard and risk assessment for the Port's assets along the Fraser River. $254,430
Windsor Port Authority Windsor, Ontario The Windsor Port Authority will provide a detailed analysis of the risks associated with climate change and will provide information necessary to plan and mitigate for the impact of climate change on its assets. $140,630
Université de Montréal Montreal, Quebec The University of Montreal will research and determine the resilience of Port of Montreal's transportation and logistics infrastructure components. $600,000
Saint-John Port Authority Saint-John, New Brunswick The Saint John Port Authority will evaluate climate change and extreme weather vulnerabilities and risks on key Port of Saint John infrastructure and facilities, and navigational channels. The purpose of the project will be to confirm to what extent infrastructure will be impacted by climate change. $125,000


Recipient Location Project description Funding
Winnipeg Airports Authority Winnipeg, Manitoba The Winnipeg Airports Authority will develop a better understanding of the risks tornados and their wind speeds could have on the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport's infrastructure and operations. $50,000
Toronto Port Authority Toronto, Ontario The Toronto Port Authority will undertake a vulnerability assessment of the port's infrastructure. The study will improve understanding of climate change impacts on their assets and operations, while also guiding future plans for infrastructure investments and improvements. $50,000
Vancouver Fraser Port Authority Vancouver, British Columbia The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority will develop adaptation guidelines for the port's infrastructure that is at risk of flooding due to potential rising sea levels and increase flood water levels. $50,000
The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority will collect GPS-based imagery of shoreline areas through the use of a Remotely Piloted Aerial System, or drone. The data will be used to assess the condition of the shoreline and identify areas requiring upgrades in light of increased erosion. $22,000
The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority will create 3D images of the port's area using specialized software and aerial photographs. This mapping will identify roadways or rail lines that may be vulnerable to flooding or sea level rise. $15,000
The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority will develop specific infrastructure risk assessment criteria and methodology for assessment of risks related to climate change. The project will quantify risks related to Vancouver Fraser Port Authority assets. $49,000
Administration portuaire de Sept-Îles Sept-Îles, Quebec The Administration Portuaire de Sept-Îles will develop over a period of six-month a three-dimensional modelling of the marine currents in the Bay of Sept-Îles. $50,000
Administration portuaire de Québec Quebec, Quebec The Administration Portuaire de Québec will, over a two-year period, add the federal asset of the Port of Quebec to an existing study to seek to better understand short- and long-term erosion trends and quantify the movement of coastal sediments. $49,880
The Administration Portuaire de Québec will receive funding for a project to determine the impacts of climate change and increase the resilience of the port's infrastructure. $50,000
The Administration Portuaire de Québec will assess the criticality of port infrastructure in relation to anticipated climate change. To do so, an asset prioritization methodology will be developed to define and rank priorities. $48,300
The Administration Portuaire de Québec received funding for the acquisition of a current meter to monitor water level variation and to measure the current over a long term period. $50,000
Fort McMurray Airport Authority Limited Fort McMurray, Alberta The project will assess and quantify the geophysical risk exposure and existing adaptive capacity of assets to climate change. The assessment will include recommendations for adaptation and resilience strategies. $50,000