Rail Safety Overview - Safety in Action



[video: Low-angle shot of a freight train zooming past the camera from right to left. Mountains are seen in the background.]

[text: "Safety in action"]

Narrator: Railways are a vital part of Canada's transportation system.

[video: At a railyard, a Transport Canada inspector talks to a CN railway employee. Each wears a safety vest and hardhat. The railway employee points toward something in the distance.]

Narrator: At Transport Canada, we both develop and then enforce regulations…

[video: A white road–rail pickup truck, labelled with the Government of Canada logo on its door, drives along the railroad tracks, passing by the camera from left to right.]

Narrator: …that help make Canada's railway system safe, secure…

[video: In an office cubicle, two Transport Canada employees look at a computer monitor showing a map of Canada's railway system. One of the employees points his finger at the screen.]

Narrator:…efficient, and environmentally responsible.

[video: As the employee points at the monitor, the camera's focus is on his back and shoulder; the map is blurry and out of focus. When he moves his hand out of the way, the onscreen map comes sharply into focus.]

[video: The screen freezes here and the onscreen text appears, one phrase at a time.]

[text: "43,000km of track. 78 railway companies. 23,000 federally regulated grade crossings."]

Narrator: With authority over forty-three thousand kilometers of track, we are always on the move, making sure railway companies inspect, test and maintain their equipment.

[video: A Transport Canada inspector walks along some railroad tracks with a CN railway employee. Again, both are wearing safety gear.]

Narrator: While railway companies are ultimately responsible for safety…

[video: Inside the cab of a locomotive, two inspectors talk to a railway employee. One of the inspectors is standing; the other two people are seated.]

[video: A pair of inspectors outside in the railyard talking to two railway employees. One of the inspectors is taking notes.]

Narrator: …our inspectors work with industry to promote compliance with laws and regulations.

[video: An inspector and a railway employee are kneeling, using a measuring tape to check the width of the tracks.]

[video: POV shot from the side of the road–rail pickup truck, looking down at its tires as it drives along the railway tracks.]

Narrator: We also help railway companies identify and reduce risks before they become problems.

[video: A freight train slows to a stop in the railyard next to another train. The group of inspectors and railway employees are seen off the to the side.]

Narrator: That's just some of the ways we help keep Canada's railway system on track.

[video: Aerial shot of a freight train travelling alongside a picturesque blue river, the Rocky Mountains in the background.]

[text: "tc.gc.ca/railsafety"]

Narrator: Visit us today.

[video: Black screen with Government of Canada wordmark.]

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