Regulations Open Door to Three-Wheeled Vehicles, Enclosed Motorcycles

Transport Canada has opened the door for Canadians to purchase three-wheeled vehicles and motorcycles equipped with a structure that encloses the occupants.

Regulations have been implemented to specify safety standards for these new types of vehicles. All vehicles must meet federal safety standards before they can be sold in Canada.

While standards exist for the various classes of trucks, cars and conventional motorcycles seen on Canadian highways, there were no standards in place to address the unique design characteristics of three-wheeled vehicles and enclosed motorcycles.

As part of these standards, three-wheeled vehicles and enclosed motorcycles will be required to have seat belts and impact-resistant fuel tanks. As well, three-wheeled vehicles will have to pass a frontal crash test and meet stringent stability standards.

While the provincial and territorial governments have jurisdiction for after-market additions to motor vehicles, Transport Canada develops standards and regulations for new vehicles manufactured or imported for use in Canada.

For more information, refer to the Transport Canada news release announcing the new regulations. For details on the changes made to the regulations, refer to the Canada Gazette, Part II, Vol. 137, No. 17 dated August 13, 2003.

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