Crosswind stabilization


Strong winds hit the sides of the vehicle, but the system prevents the vehicle from leaving its lane.

How this technology works

Crosswind stabilization is a feature that reduces the wind’s effect on the sides of a vehicle. It helps the vehicle stay in its lane in strong winds or when passed by a large vehicle, like a transport truck.


Using sensors, this system can detect when strong crosswinds are pushing the vehicle off its course. The system automatically applies the brakes to combat the effect of the crosswind.

Other names for this technology

  • Crosswind assist system

Things for driver to keep in mind

  • Crosswind stabilization systems are designed to help you avoid collisions
    • They can't replace your attention and judgment
    • You should always keep a safe speed and following distance from the traffic ahead, keep both hands on the wheel, and stay focused on the road
  • If this system is available in the vehicle you are driving, read the vehicle manual to learn more about this system, including its abilities and limits