Parking collision warning

How this technology works

Parking collision warnings detect the presence of objects close to a vehicle when the vehicle is moving at low speeds. Most of these systems use ultrasonic sensors. When sensors detect an object in the way, the system activates and warning sounds and lights are displayed to let you know the direction and distance to the object.


  • This feature turns on automatically when the vehicle is moving at low speeds. When you're driving, you can also turn it on and off with a switch.

A car that is entering a parking space is alerted when its sensors detect a wall ahead.

Things for drivers to keep in mind

  • Parking collision warning systems may not detect people and other moving objects
  • The systems range varies between vehicles
  • These systems don't replace your attention and judgement
    • If you rely on these systems too much, you may be less careful when reversing. For example you might:
      • not look for pedestrians or small children
      • use the mirrors less
      • make fewer shoulder checks
      • drive too quickly
  • Parking aids are designed to help you park
    • Don't rely on them to detect pedestrians or small children
    • Stay alert whenever you back up, especially when children are in the area
  • You should read your owner's manual to learn about your vehicles system, including its capabilities and limits