Lane centering assistance


The system is active and centers the vehicle in its lane.

How this technology works

Lane centering assistance systems help drivers keep their vehicle centered in the lane by providing steering support. The system is actively engaged and provides automatic steering to continually center the vehicle in its lane.

This technology differs from lane keeping assistance which only activates when the vehicle is close to or crossing a lane line.


These systems use forward-facing cameras to identify the lane markings around the vehicle.

They usually activate via a button on the steering wheel that shows a steering wheel within lane lines.

Other names for this technology

  • Lane centering assist

Things for driver to keep in mind

  • These systems are designed to help you drive, but they don't replace your attention and judgement
  • These systems must be able to identify lane markings to work effectively. Faded lane markings could affect how the system performs
  • The driver must constantly supervise this support feature and stay focused on driving
  • If this system is available in your vehicle, read your manual to learn more about this system, including its abilities and limits