Remote parking assistance

How this technology works

Remote parking assistance moves a vehicle into or out of a parking space without the driver being inside the vehicle. Remote parking assistance provides supervised steering, braking, accelerating, and can change gears while moving a vehicle into or out of a parking space.


When you use this technology, you use an external device, like a mobile phone or key fob, to activate the remote parking function. You'll press a button while the vehicle is parking. When you release the button, the vehicle will stop. You should always watch how your vehicle is moving. If you see any hazards, release the remote button right away.

Other names for this technology

  • Remote park assist
  • Remote smart parking assist
  • Smart summon
  • Summon

A driver stands outside of his car holding a key fob that is sending signals to the car. The car reverses into a parking spot, using sensors to detect the parked vehicles around it.

Things for drivers to keep in mind

  • While using this technology, you must always watch how your vehicle is moving
    • Even though you're not driving, you're still responsible for the safety of your vehicle
  • Remote parking assistance systems may not detect people and other moving objects, so watch for them while the vehicle is parking
  • Detection and operational range vary by vehicle
  • You should read your owner's manual to learn about your vehicle's system, including its capabilities and limits