Trailer assistance

How this technology works

Trailer assistance provides visual guidance while backing-up to connect a trailer or during backing maneuvers with a trailer attached.

Since backing-up with a trailer attached involves moving two vehicles at the same time, you need to turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction to the trailer's intended path. Some systems may offer other views while driving or backing with a trailer. More advanced systems will help you steer during backing maneuvers.


Cameras turn on when you put your vehicle in reverse. For systems with multiple camera views, they can be chosen from the control panel.

Steering assistance features may require you to enter measurements into the system, so the camera can track the trailer position while you're backing up. Rather than using the steering wheel, a separate controller is used to indicate the direction you want the trailer to go in. The system controls the steering wheel and you only need to operate the accelerator (gas) and brakes.

Other names for this technology

  • Trailer backup assist
  • Trailer assist
  • Pro Trailer Backup Assist

A truck that is towing a boat uses trailer assistance to back around a turn onto a boat launch.

Things for drivers to keep in mind

  • These systems are designed to help you operate a trailer. They don't replace your attention and judgment
  • Conditions like rain, darkness, glare, dirt on the camera can keep the system from working
  • Backing up with a trailer should always be done slowly so you have enough time to avoid hitting an object
  • When backing-up, you still need to look over your shoulder and check the display image and mirrors often, to improve your chances of seeing obstacles
  • You should read your owner's manual to learn about your vehicle's system, including its features and limits