Importing a vehicle

Vehicle imports (including kit cars, U.S. and Mexican vehicles, non-regulated vehicles), temporary vehicle imports.

Services and information

Importing a vehicle from the United States and Mexico

Requirements, vehicle import compatibility list, vehicle import e-form.

Importing a vehicle from countries other than the United States and Mexico

Special concerns for importing vehicles from countries other than the U.S.


Pre-clearing new vehicles as a commercial importer

Appendix F/Appendix G Pre-clearance programs to commercially import eligible vehicles from registered manufacturers.

Pre-clearing new vehicles for importing using the case-by-case process

Application process for case-by-case pre-authorization to import new vehicles.


Importing non-regulated vehicles

Import procedures, older or utility-terrain vehicles, examples of non-regulated vehicles.

Temporarily importing vehicles

For visitors, students and temporary residents, Canadians with short term U.S. rental.


Declaration program to import non-compliant vehicles for specific purposes and time periods

Exception to permit the importation of a vehicle that does not conform to all applicable Canadian safety standards.

Importing car kits

Import process for car kits and completed kit cars.