The iDRIVE Road Stories DVD is aimed at Canadian drivers and passengers aged 16 to 24. The video is about 23 minutes long and addresses the issue of road safety and the consequences of unsafe or aggressive driving. It also provides strategies for making better driving decisions.

Starting in September 2011, copies of the DVD will be distributed to all secondary schools in Canada. This is to help promote the National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims on November 23. iDRIVE Road Stories is available to all educators, free of charge. If you are interested in receiving a copy please refer to the order form.

Transport Canada created a national generic video in partnership with:

  • Arrive Alive DRIVE SOBER ®
  • Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving and
  • the Student Life Education Company Inc

This new video contains information about latest measures to address these issues.

iDRIVE Road Stories helps young drivers and passengers recognize factors that contribute to unsafe driving. It also gives them some tools to develop strategies to avoid them. After watching the presentation, viewers will be able to:

  • Better identify risks and consequences of:
    • driving distraction
    • speeding
    • drowsy driving
    • impairment by alcohol and drugs and
    • failing to buckle up
  • Recognize factors that contribute to unsafe driving behaviours.
  • Develop strategies for making better driving decisions.

Feedback Questionnaire

Please take a moment and complete our short feedback questionnaire after viewing the DVD.

Plasma Car Activity

The plasma car activity focuses on driving safety as it relates to impaired and distracted driving. The Plasma Car activity simulates driving while safely introducing a feeling of impairment (visual impairment goggles) or distraction (text messaging).