Motor Carrier Safety Research

Analysis of the Commercial Vehicle Driver Survey Results (Rest Area Research Project - Phase 1)

This report presents the analysis of the results of a commercial truck driver survey. The survey objective was to better understand the habits and preferences of truck drivers travelling in Canada. The survey also focused on the drivers’ level of satisfaction with public and private service centres and truck stops. The survey results helped to identify locations where parking is lacking and how this shortage influences the work of drivers throughout the country.

Safety management system approach

The Motor Carrier Division is actively involved in a process aimed at:

  • Investigating the applicability of the SMS approach to the motor carrier industry;
  • Consulting stakeholders to assess their reactions towards SMS (perceived applicability, strengths and weaknesses, likely implementation scenarios);
  • Contingent on results of consultations: implementing SMS and/or related concepts and processes.

Feasibility Study Concerning Safety Management Systems For the Motor Carrier Industry in Canada

Electronic On-Board Recorders

Transport Canada is leading a field study aimed at testing EOBRs in real-life to assess their potential to improve compliance, safety and operations in motor carrier fleets.

Operational test of on-board recorders, smart cards, and digital signatures