Service Standards Motor Carrier Safety Division

This division in Transport Canada assesses applications for exemptions under section 16 of the Motor Vehicle Transport Act. The Director General, Motor Vehicle Safety is authorized to make the decision to grant or deny an exemption on behalf of the Minister of Transport. The assessment includes how an opinion is formed, and against what criteria, before granting or denying exemptions from regulatory requirements. The process is designed to ensure the application is assessed in an equitable manner while simultaneously ensuring that the best interests of the public are protected.

Transport Canada is committed to implementing standards and procedures for the timely and consistent assessment of exemption requests and to develop a justification to either grant or deny exemptions from specific regulatory requirements, based on fair and objective criteria. Exemptions that are granted are posted on our web-site, so that all entities within an industrial or commercial sector are aware of its existence, and can invoke it if they choose to. In our continuing effort to provide the highest possible level of service, we pledge to:

  • Serve you in the official language of your choice;
  • Treat you with respect and courtesy;
  • Identify ourselves when we speak to you;
  • Offer accurate, timely and helpful service;
  • Address your requests and enquiries quickly and effectively:
    • A decision to accept or not, a “Final” application that has been properly documented by the applicant, for subsequent processing by TC, would generally be provided in 9 weeks. More complicated applications could take longer to assess;
    • Advise applicant of a decision within 3 business days;
  • Clearly explain our decisions;
  • Advise when we will post an exemption on our website; and
  • Protect your private information according to the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act.

Applying for exemptions from the requirements of either the Motor Vehicle Transport Act or its regulations:

Directive for the Issuance of Exemptions from Regulatory Requirements Pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Transport Act


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