Santa Claus is cleared for take-off


Hi Santa, I just looked at some of our automated vehicle testing footage and…

…I just wanted to thank you for sharing your driver assistance technology with us.
I'm sure it going to be very useful

Our engineers are currently trying to adapt it to our test vehicle…

…and it looks promising.

They are confident that it will pass the final test.

So again, thank you and,…

… oh, by the way,

I just received the notice that you are  cleared for take-off.

I know you're driving record is impeccable and that you would never look at the wish list while driving with Rudolph leading your sleigh, but just a reminder to be careful out there. Always be on the lookout for pedestrians and cyclists and others and make sure your mobile device is on airplane…or should I say …reindeer mode.

Drive safely and have a magical night.

So Santa and his reindeers are good to go
in Canadian air space.
Have a great holiday and stay safe!