Transport Canada celebrates 80 years of leadership in transportation

Video Length: 1 minute, 33 seconds


Title: Transport Canada celebrates 80 years of leadership in transportation

The Transport Canada corporate banner flies into a white background and fades out.

Soft music begins, fade into an old television set in a 70s decor. On the television we see four scenes, one after the other:

  1. very old black and white footage of a speeding steam train
  2. black and white footage of a man running towards airplanes
  3. vintage colour footage of a man and two children wearing life jackets
  4. vintage colour footage of a man walking towards his car and entering it.

The music gets a little louder during a full screen shot of a present-day father and his two daughters sitting in a kitchen eating breakfast. A little girl reaches for a cereal container. The mother steps in from behind with a pot of coffee and a plate of pastries.

Music gets louder as a rapid series of images of different modes of modern transportation follow one another:

  • a flying plane viewed from the ground
  • a container ship at sea
  • a maritime port
  • a moving train
  • air cargo being loaded
  • large shipping trucks moving on a highway with trains in the background
  • a bird's eye view of a major city's busy road network
  • airport security personnel screening boxes
  • a tanker truck moving along a highway
  • a woman seated next to the driver, looking towards the back seat of a car
  • passengers on a plane
  • business men and women working while riding a train
  • a subway stop
  • Vancouver's Sky Train
  • a cyclist biking on a mountain road
  • a plane taking off

Music gets louder for dramatic effect as we see:

  • parachutists jumping out of a plane
  • a snowmobiler in the mountains
  • a person kayaking river rapids
  • Three ATV drivers waiting for others to cross a bridge over a river
  • Two people in a canoe wearing life jackets
  • a car driving along the coast
  • a man using a GPS as he steers a small boat
  • a family on a train
  • a driver fastening his seatbelt
  • a city train at a snow-covered crossing
  • helicopters taking off
  • a commercial fishing boat returning to port
  • an airport employee using screening equipment
  • equipment scanning containers in a maritime port
  • construction vehicles

Music continues as we see Transport Canada employees working in:

  • a vehicle safety testing facility
  • an office where employees look at floor plans
  • a construction site beneath a large bridge
  • another vehicle safety testing facility

The last scene is a group of employees standing outside of the Transport Canada headquarters building in Ottawa.

Music stops – screen goes to black, then music starts very softly again as the ribbons from the Transport Canada 80th anniversary logo flow gently.
Text: Happy Birthday Transport Canada

Canada wordmark
Fade out

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