Transport Canada's Role in Mackenzie Gas Project


Transport Canada is responsible for the transportation policies, programs and goals set by the Government of Canada. The department works to ensure that all parts of the transportation system work effectively and in an integrated manner to provide Canadians with a sustainable system that is safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible.

The department conducts its work under the authority of a number of acts and regulations, including the Aeronautics Act, Arctic Waters Pollution Prevention Act, Canada Marine Act, Canada Shipping Act, Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and the Railway Safety Act.

Transport Canada's role is to ensure only qualified operators carry out air, airport, surface and marine operations, and safety and security standards are maintained in accordance with legislative and regulatory requirements.

With respect to the Mackenzie Gas Project, the department will carry out its safety and security mandate by ensuring regulatory requirements are met for land and ice airstrips marine shipping, bridges, roads, helicopter landing pads, rail and aircraft. Transport Canada's regulations apply to facilities, equipment and personnel.

Transport Canada provided specialist advice to the Joint Review Panel, by reviewing and making recommendations on the Environmental Impact Statement associated with the project.

Under the Navigable Waters Protection Act, Transport Canada is responsible for regulatory approval of anything built in, on, over, under, through or across any navigable waterway. The department reviews all applications to ensure any structure built does not hinder the navigability of the waterways for boating safety.

As part of Transport Canada's security role, it conducts security-related consultation, inspection and certification for any new or existing airports or marine ports in accordance with transportation security legislation.

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February 2007