Update: Important Snowmobile Safety Information

For immediate release
March 25, 2008

Based on updated model information provided by the manufacturer, Transport Canada and snowmobile manufacturer, BRP, of Valcourt, Québec are actively investigating three incidents of explosions followed by fires involving the fuel system on the following snowmobiles:

  • Skandic SWT V-800 Yellow – 2007 (Model Number: 000FP7B00)
  • Skandic SWT V-800 Yellow – 2008 (Model Number: 000LS8B00
  • Skandic SUV 600HO SDI Black – 2008 (Model Number: 000FB8H00)



This clarification by BRP removes the Expedition SUV SDI 600 model identified in the original media advisory and adds the 2008 Skandic SUV 600HO SDI model.



Two of the snowmobiles that incurred fire damage have been retrieved and brought to Transport Canada's facilities in Ottawa for examination. These incidents have taken place in the area of Rigolet, Labrador, in extreme cold temperatures (below -29°C). No factual reports of any such incidences have been reported from any other region in Canada.

Recommendation for Consumer Action:

  • In the interest of safety, Transport Canada recommends that these model vehicles be parked and not started until there is an adequate understanding of the cause of these fires/explosions.
  • Consumers who may have experienced a fire or explosion event with their snowmobile should contact Transport Canada's office of defect investigations as soon as possible at 1-800-333-0510.
  • For further information, BRP has set-up a special hotline to assist you in answering questions about the media advisory. The toll-free hotline number is 1-866-767-0707.
  • BRP has issued notification letters to dealers and owners of record advising that until the root cause of the reported incidents are identified, customers are to follow Transport Canada's recommendations concerning the usage of the snowmobiles.

The investigation is progressing, however no definitive conclusions have been reached. The investigation involves complex technical analyses, addressing product, fuel and environmental conditions. While it is premature to arrive at any specific conclusions, preliminary results, to date, do not suggest that the fuel is the singular factor in these reported incidents.

This situation entails a rare event that is associated with elevated risk of injury and owner operators need to take this into consideration.

Transport Canada will keep Canadians advised on any additional recommendations or determinations based on the investigation.

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