80 years of leadership in transportation - The transition from the role of operator to leader

Transport Canada celebrates 80 years of service November 2, 2016. The needs of Canadians and the transportation industry have evolved rapidly, and TC has been there every step of the way, making adjustments in policy and operations to meet demands.

One of the most significant changes over the last 80 years has seen TC transition from the role of operator to leader and policy maker. TC works to promote a transportation system that is responsive to Canada's needs in ensuring safety, security, efficiency and competitiveness across modes. The department has faced, and will continue to face, this challenge head-on.

TC's transportation story is rich, and key to what connects Canadians from sea to sea to sea. Milestones of this story are told in a six-part series where you can learn about how we use planes, trains, automobiles and boats have changed over the years.

The last 80 years have set the tone for the future - Canada will continue to be a world leader in transport related technologies, infrastructure, policies, and legislation. TC is proud of the solid foundation that has been laid for the future of Canadian transportation. With this foundation, TC is confident that it will be able to provide a transportation system that is accessible, safe, secure, efficient, environmentally responsible, and most of all, ready for the future.

The icebreaker "d'Iberville" was the first Canadian government ship to steam as far north as Eureka. It visited the Joint Canadian-U.S. Weather Station on Ellesmere Island in 1954.

Transport Canada's new "weatherman", the C-Band Weather Surveillance Radar, joined the staff of Winnipeg's airport weather office in 1964. It was set to scan the horizon for 200 miles in each direction, watching out for rain, snowstorms, hail and tornadoes.

The Air Services Training School, established at the Ottawa International Airport in 1959, trained students for a specialized career in air traffic control, meteorology and telecommunications.