Airport Security


(Camera shows a passenger jet in flight. Cut to our FIELD REPORTER standing in an airport. He addresses the camera. He carries a laptop over his shoulder.)

Most travelers are getting used to the new security routines at airports.

(Screen shot of an airport Departures board)

Arrive well before your scheduled departure time to make sure you get through security with time to spare.

(Our FIELD REPORTER is standing next to his luggage cart. He addresses the camera.)

Keep an eye on your luggage at all times. And if you see any unattended or suspicious-looking packages, report them to airport security immediately.

(Our FIELD REPORTER holds up his laptop as he approaches airport security screening officer)

If you bring your laptop, be prepared to turn it on if requested.

(Our FIELD REPORTER addresses the camera. He lifts up a small clear plastic bag holding his liquids and gels; then hands them to the screening officer)

And make sure you know the restrictions for liquids and gels you can bring in your carry-on.

(Our FIELD REPORTER is standing at the boarding gate. He addresses the camera.)

Oh, and one last thing – when you finally get on the plane, be courteous and always follow the flight crew’s instructions. Do your part to make it a safe and comfortable flight for everyone. Be informed. Be prepared and be safe.

Sorry, gotta fly!

Text on screen:

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