Transport Canada MMEL and TC Supplements (TCS) Mailing List


Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA), Aircraft Certification Branch is pleased to announce the introduction of a LISTSERV® automatic e-mail notification system for the TC MMEL and TC Supplements (


This notice is for "announcement-only" purposes, i.e., messages are sent by the list editor to the list members.  A list member cannot post a message directly to the list.  You can join or leave this list at any time.  The instructions are provided below.

How to subscribe to the TC MMEL and TCS mailing list

To subscribe to the MMEL and TCS mailing list, select the following Internet address:


This will bring you to Transport Canada's main Listserv mailing list subscription page.

  1. Enter your name in the Enter your name box
  2. Enter your e-mail address (where you would like to receive these notices) in the Enter your e-mail address box
  3. Select "Site Updates" from the dropdown list in the I am interested in box
  4. Press the box with Enter

You will be taken to the main Transport Canada e-news web page. You are asked to select your Web site sections of interest.

  1. In the list of Sections: remove the tick in the All sections box
  2. Tick the Civil Aviation Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) TC Supplements (TCS) box
  3. Leave Regions blank
  4. Review your name and e-mail address in the Your Personal Information box
  5. Press Save subscription changes

A thank you confirmation page will display explaining that an e-mail will be sent to you shortly containing instructions on how to confirm your new subscription request.

Open the e-mail and it will list the subjects for which you will receive automatic e-mail notificatio. Scroll down to the bottom to confirm your new subscription.

Press the Internet address supplied, Note: if this does not work copy the website address into your browser.

A confirmation web page will display confirming successful update of your subscription.

That's it! You are now on a list to receive an e-mail notification each time there is a revised TC MMEL Supplement or special announcement, and then simply press the Internet link provided to download the latest revision, if applicable.

Unsubscribe or Signing Off  from a Mailing List

You can also join or leave the mailing list using the Internet interface.  Follow the online instructions.