Change of address for aviation related services

Change your address for Transport Canada aviation related services

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Drone pilot information and drone registration

You must update your account settings through the Drone Management Portal if your personal information ever changes.

Flight crew and air traffic controllers

Update the address on your licensing documents on-line, using GCKey. Learn more about GCKey, or sign-in and update your information.

If you would rather change your address by mail, complete the Flight Crew Licensing Change of Address Request form (PDF 634 KB).

Note: Air Traffic Controllers may update their address by using this same form.

Submit the completed form by mail or by fax to the Civil Aviation licensing office in your region.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs)

To update the mailing or email address on your AME licence file, complete the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) licence application form 24-0083 (PDF 632 Kb) with the updated information and selection of ‘Other’ in the top of SECTION A.

Submit the completed form by email to a Transport Canada Civil Aviation regional office.

Aircraft registration and leasing

You must notify Transport Canada, in writing, within seven (7) days of your change of address. There is no fee to report a change of address.

Note: if your aircraft has two or more owners, only the person listed as mail recipient must report a change in address.

Update the address on your aircraft registration documents on-line using GC-Key. Learn more about GCKey, or sign-in and update your information.
If you would rather change your address by mail

  1. Enter your new address on the certificate of registration application section. Sign the application form in ink.
  2. Mail the certificate of registration to a Transport Canada Civil Aviation regional office.

When we receive your certificate, we’ll mail you a new certificate with the updated address.

Interim certificates

While you wait for your aircraft to be re-registered, you can activate an interim certificate of registration.

  1. Print your new address and the date it changed in the boxes on your interim certificate
  2. Keep your interim certificate on board your aircraft until we mail you a new one

Interim certificates are valid until the earliest of the following days:

  • the last day of the 3-month period following the sale of the aircraft by the previous owner
  • the day on which there is another transfer of custody and control
  • the day on which you receive a new certificate of registration

Note: if you have an old version of the certificate of registration, without the portion used for the interim certificate, you can’t activate an interim certificate for a change of address.

In this case, inform us in writing of your new address and we will issue you a temporary certificate. This will allow you to return your certificate of registration and to continue operating your aircraft. There is no fee.

Aviation safety newsletters, alerts, bulletins, and regulatory information

Update your email address through e-Bulletin for receiving updates on the following products:

  • News releases
  • Feedback – Service Difficulty Reports
  • Canadian Airworthiness Directives (AD)
  • Civil Aviation Safety Alerts (CASA)
  • Foreign Airworthiness Directives
  • Holdover Time (HOT) Guidelines
  • Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)
  • Aviation Safety Letters (ASL)
  • Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) and TC Supplements (TCS)
  • Advisory Circulars (ACs)
  • Approved Check Pilot (ACP) and Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) Bulletins
  • Documents for External Delegates