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Drone flight schools offer courses to help you prepare for online exams and flight reviews. We recommend taking a course before attempting an online exam.

You will need to pass an in-person flight review to receive your Pilot Certificate – Advanced Operations. You can book a flight review by contacting a drone flight school near you.

You will still need to participate in drone pilot training to apply for a Special Flight Operations Certificate.

What you can expect to learn

Training is specific to how you’ll use your drone. Topics may include:

  • airspace classification and structure
  • weather and notice to airmen (NOTAM) reporting services
  • aeronautical charts and the Canada Flight Supplement
  • relevant sections of the Canadian Aviation Regulations

For more information on what you may learn, read the Knowledge Requirements for Pilots of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.

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These schools have self-declared that they provide training in line with Transport Canada standards.

You may be charged a fee to complete a flight review or training course. Fees are set by the drone flight schools.

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