Privacy and drones


Respect the privacy rights of others when flying your drone.

Privacy laws apply to photos, videos or other information collected by your drone.

Remember these privacy guidelines when using a drone for fun:

Be responsible

You’re in charge of any personal information your drone collects.

This can include a person’s name, a photo of a person’s face or a licence plate number.

Limit the data you collect

Don’t collect personal information you don’t need. Ensure any personal information you capture without consent can’t be identified. For example, blur faces or licence plates.

Get permission

If you are likely to capture personal information on your flight, take steps to tell the people you film and get their permission.

Store information securely

If you save recordings that contain personal information, take steps so only you can access the information.

Be open and responsive about what you’re doing

If someone complains that your drone use is affecting their privacy, respond with respect and courtesy.

Know before you go!