Registering your drone: Manage registration

Change of address

If you move or change your address, notify Transport Canada within seven days through the Drone Management Portal by accessing your Account settings.

Any changes you make will update any certificates that may have previously been issued to you as well as any drones registered to you as an individual.

How to deregister your drone

You must deregister your drone if you:

  • sell or transfer its ownership
  • damage it beyond repair
  • lose it

Individuals and businesses can deregister their drone(s) through the Drone Management Portal.

Deregister your drone

Buying, selling, or transferring ownership of a drone

If you sell your drone or buy one second hand, the seller must provide the buyer with documentation including the owner’s manual, maintenance records, and records of any modifications made.

The seller must also deregister through the Drone Management Portal and the new owner must re-register the drone.

  • Do not remove the registration marking from your drone after deregistering it from your account. A drone’s registration number remains the same even if it is transferred to someone else.
  • After you have deregistered your drone, the new owner will be able to register it to their account. New owners must use the drone’s original registration number.
  • New owners must pay a $5 non-refundable fee to register the drone.

Drones for a business

Drones may be registered for a business within a business account.  To sign-up for a business account, you will first need a personal account in the Drone Management Portal.

Within your personal account, you can sign-up for a business account or accept an invitation from an existing business account holder. Once this is done, you can switch between your personal and business accounts using Switch accounts.

You can register or access as many business accounts as needed using the same sign-in credentials.

Transfers to a business

If you want to transfer ownership of your drone to a business that you own or work for, you can do this in your personal account at no cost. You will need to either sign up for a business account or be invited to access a business account. Once you have access to a business account, you will have the option to transfer your drone from your personal account to your business account. Your certificates of registration will automatically update once the transfer is complete.