Basic definition: Safety management systems

A documented process for managing risks that integrates operations and technical systems with the management of financial and human resources to ensure aviation safety or the safety of the public.

A safety management system shall include:

(a) a safety policy on which the system is based;

(b) a process for setting goals for the improvement of aviation safety and for measuring the attainment of those goals;

(c) a process for identifying hazards to aviation safety and for evaluating and managing the associated risks;

(d) a process for ensuring that personnel are trained and competent to perform their duties;

(e) a process for the internal reporting and analyzing of hazards, incidents and accidents and for taking corrective actions to prevent their recurrence;

(f) a document containing all safety management system processes and a process for making personnel aware of their responsibilities with respect to them;

(g) a process for conducting periodic reviews or audits of the safety management system and reviews or audits for cause of the safety management system; and

(h) any additional requirements for the safety management system that are prescribed under these Regulations.

CARs Subpart 107.0.3