Better pilot decision-making

There’s a lot to consider before you fly. How’s the weather? Do you have a flight plan? Making good decisions starts before a flight and doesn’t end until you’re back on the ground.

With our partners Canadian Owners and Pilots Association and, we put together these resources to help general aviation pilots make safe, informed decisions. “Take 5” minutes to read about flight safety, print a poster for your local flying club, or watch a safety video.

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Check the weather before you fly

Weather is unpredictable and can change quickly. Taking time to check the weather before a flight helps ensure you’ll be prepared for anything.

Take 5 for safety


Respect human limits

“Human factors” are physical and psychological things that can affect your performance. Whether from fatigue, distraction or poor judgment, we all have our limits. As a pilot, it’s important to know and respect yours.

Cannabis legalization

It is illegal to pilot an aircraft while under the influence of cannabis. Cannabis can impair a person’s capacity to pilot any type of aircraft in a safe manner and thus can endanger lives and lead to property loss. To learn more, see Cannabis legalization.


Plan each flight

Planning ahead reduces the number of last-minute decisions you need to make when you fly, which also improves your focus and decision-making.


Stay aware of your surroundings

Being aware of your surroundings (what we call “situational awareness”) is essential for spotting potential danger. Inform yourself about what to look out for.

Take 5 for safety



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