Staff Instructions - Parachuting in Controlled Airspace

The Review and Processing of an Application for a Special Flight Operations Certificate - Parachuting to Conduct Parachute Descents in or into Controlled Airspace or an Air Route

The following amendment reflects changes that are in progress as a result of CARAC meetings with the parachute industry. This amendment contains procedural changes relating to the co-ordination process with Nav Canada for parachute operations. In the past Transport Canada regional Special Flight Operations personnel co-ordinated with the appropriate ATS unit on behalf of a parachute operator. This amendment contains procedures to direct the operator to co-ordinate directly with Nav Canada and enter into a formal procedural agreement with Nav Canada for the provision of ATS services for the parachute activity.

1.0  General Information

2.0  Reviewing an Application

3.0  Issuing the Special Flight Operations Certificate

Appendix A