Pilot Examiner – Flight Instructor rating

The Pilot Examiner (PE) Program is a service responding to the need to provide flight testing for the issue of licences, permits and ratings in a timely manner. The overall administration of the PE Program including policy and standardization is the responsibility of Transport Canada Headquarters. On site training, evaluation, approval and monitoring of PE's is the responsibility of the Transport Canada Regional Flight Training office.

Pilot Examiners - Flight Instructor Rating

Effective February 1st, 2003, applications for Pilot Examiner Pools - Flight Instructor Rating will be received by Transport Canada, Headquarters Flight Training Division, following the procedures outlined in the Policy Letter GAPL 2003-01.

Application to Qualify for the Pilot Examiner Pool - Flight Instructor Rating (form no. 26-0652)

Pilot Examiner Manual

The objective of this manual is to provide information for the issue and renewal of PE authority and to promote standardized flight testing.

TP 14277 - Pilot Examiner Manual (Seventh Edition - October 2019)