General Aviation Policy Letter (GAPL) No. 2003-01

GAPL 2003-01


Designated Flight Test Examiner - Flight Instructor Rating


Part 1 Section 4.3 of the Aeronautics Act


The purpose of this policy letter is to outline the requirements to accredit flight test examiners to conduct flight tests for the renewal of flight instructor ratings.


One of the operating principles of Transport Canada Civil Aviation is to delegate authority to responsible persons and organizations where appropriate. Transport Canada General Aviation has been very active in the use of delegation since establishing the DFTE program in 1974. Now, approximately 95% of all delegated flight tests are conducted by industry examiners.

When the National Civil Aviation Management Executive made the decision to delegate flight tests for renewal of the flight instructor rating, it was with the understanding that the examiners would be well trained and monitored and an appreciation that the total population of instructor flight tests was quite small. At the same time, industry had called attention to the procedures of the National Examiner Board (NEB) in the U.S. These procedures were established to improve the management of the FAA examiner program. Accordingly, this delegation has been designed to introduce some of the successful practices of the NEB. If the practices prove to be successful with this delegation, consideration will be given to applying them more widely.


Effective February 1st, 2003, applications for Designated Flight Test Examiners - Flight Instructor Rating will be received by Transport Canada, Headquarters Flight Training Division, following the procedures outlined in the Appendix.

A list of the names of qualified applicants will be maintained. When a Regional Office determines a need for an examiner, details of the most qualified candidates for the area requiring the service will be forwarded to the Region for their consideration.


This policy letter will expire upon publication of the First Edition of the Designated Flight Test Examiner Manual.


Manzur Huq
General Aviation