General Aviation Policy Letters

The General Aviation Policy Letters (GAPL) are a collection of letters stating Transport Canada’s policies for General Aviation. These letters define internal and external processes for the development of regulations, standards, policy and guidance material for general aviation programs.

All documents issued after 01 Feb 2007 are now published as Advisory Circulars or Staff Instructions.

Document number
Issue date Topic Subject
GAPL 2004-04 2004-08-12 Flight Training Approval of Part IV Flight Training Devices
GAPL 2004-01 2004-02-06 Flight Training Responsibilities relating to Air Traffic Controller Licensing including the associated Authorized Persons (AP) activities
GAPL 2003-03 2003-10-10 General Aviation Credits for Foreign Applicants
GAPL 2003-01 2003-01-31 Flight Training Designated Flight Test Examiner - Flight Instructor Rating
GAPL 2002-04 2002-07-19 Flight Training Approval of Integrated Commercial Pilot Training Courses
GAPL 2001-12 2001-10-26 Flight Training Aircraft Flight Manuals
GAPL 2001-07 2001-06-19 Launch Safety Office High Power Rocket Launches at Air Shows
GAPL 2000-11 2000-12-21 Personnel Licensing Type Designator - Correction - Canadair CL65
GAPL 2000-06 2000-12-08 Flight Training Approving Integrated Commercial Pilot Training Programs
GAPL 2000-03 2000-04-17 Flight Training Privacy - Flight Test Standards
GAPL 1999-08 1999-06-04 Personnel Licensing Renewal of Flight Instructor Rating
GAPL 1998-15 1998-04-16 Personnel Licensing Hang Glider in Class E Airspace
GAPL 1998-14 1998-03-16 Recreational Aviation and Special Flight Operations Ultra-light Aeroplanes Conducting Towing Operations
GAPL 1998-10 1998-03-16 Recreational Aviation and Special Flight Operations Notification Requirement for Ultra-light Aeroplanes Towing Hang Gliders
GAPL 1997-04 1997-06-16 Flight Training Flight Instructor Rating - Aeroplane Credits - Canadian Forces
GAPL 1996-02 1996-11-29 Aircraft Registration and Leasing Interim Registration Change of Address - Old Registration Certificate