General Aviation Policy Letter (GAPL) No. 1999-08



Renewal of Flight Instructor Rating


Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) Part IV, Subpart 1, Flight Crew Permits, Licences and Ratings, Division XVII - Flight Instructor Rating - Aeroplane and Helicopter, 421.66 - Renewal of Flight Instructor Rating.


Amendment 99-2 to the Canadian Aviation Regulations (99-03-01) introduced a third option for renewal of a flight instructor rating, aeroplane or helicopter. Now, in addition to either a flight test or a refresher course, the rating can be renewed based on a combination of recent experience and successful training. CAR 421.66(d) provides for renewal if the instructor has, in the previous 24 months, "provided at least 300 hours of flight training as a flight instructor and has recommended at least 5 candidates for the recreational, private, commercial or instructor rating flight tests, of whom at least 4 have successfully completed the flight test."

This option was first recommended by the Regulation of Flight Training Working Group in its efforts to identify alternatives to the flight test where other indicators of instructor performance could be used. For renewal, it was intended that only flight tests that were first attempts would be used. It was not intended to use any flight tests that resulted from a failure of a previous attempt. This would mean that both partial and complete re-tests would not be considered in measuring the quality of instructor performance for the purpose of renewing a flight instructor rating. Further, the quality of training in the full 24-month period leading up to the renewal should be considered. Although where only five flight tests have been recommended in this period, we can accept this if 4 of the tests were passed on the initial attempt, we will consider the record over the full period. This would mean, where more than 5 flight tests have been recommended, an 80% success rate would be needed to qualify for renewal.


Effective immediately, renewal of a flight instructor rating under CAR 421.66(d), shall be given where the Minister is satisfied that

  1. the instructor has applied for the renewal while the rating is still valid;
  2. the personal log, or a copy of the appropriate pages of the personal log, show that the required 300 hours of flight training experience have been obtained in the previous 24 months;
  3. the instructor has, in the previous 24 months, recommended at least five candidates for initial attempts for the appropriate flight tests and at least four of these candidates have passed on the initial attempt. If more than five candidates have been recommended, at least 80% of the flight tests recommended in this 24-month period must have been successful on the initial attempt; and
  4. the required renewal fee has been received.


This Policy Letter will expire once this administrative procedure has been incorporated in the Personnel Licensing Procedures Manual.

Manzur Huq
General Aviation