General Aviation Policy Letter (GAPL) No. 2000-06



Approving Integrated Commercial Pilot Training Programs


Notices of Proposed Amendment (NPAs) 99-243 to 99-278.


The Part IV Technical Committee on Personnel Licensing and Training of the Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Council (CARAC) agreed, at a meeting on December 13 and 14, 1999, on the regulatory framework for implementation of two Canadian integrated commercial pilot training programs, a CPL(A) course and a CPL(A)/IR course. The regulations and standards set out for these programs, which were subsequently approved by the Civil Aviation Regulatory Committee (CARC), represent a much higher level of regulatory oversight than the current standards and many flight schools across Canada have indicated a strong desire to comply with these requirements and to build integrated programs. Accordingly, for those schools that are prepared to build and conduct programs that comply with the new requirements, Transport Canada will evaluate new programs against the provisions of the NPAs and approve the programs where they meet the regulatory requirements.


Transport Canada will approve CPL(A) and CPL(A)/IR integrated courses of commercial pilot training where these programs meet the regulations and standards agreed upon by the Part IV Personnel Licensing and Training Technical Committee and set out in NPAs 99-243 to 99-278. This approval will be reflected on the Flight Training Unit Operator Certificate through an Operations Specification showing CPL(A) Integrated Course or CPL(A)/IR Integrated Course, as appropriate. To obtain approval, flight training units shall submit their completed flight training operations manuals and training manuals to the region. To ensure the application of a consistent national standard, the first programs approved in each region will be reviewed together by regional and headquarters flight training staff. Where trainees successfully complete approved CPL(A) or CPL(A)/IR programs, they will be eligible for licence issue when they have successfully completed the program and met either the 150 hour or 190 experience requirement, as appropriate.


This policy is effective immediately and will expire once the NPAs are incorporated in the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).


Manzur Huq
General Aviation