General Aviation Policy Letter (GAPL) No. 2001-12



Aircraft Flight Manuals


CAR 605.04 Availability of Aircraft Flight Manual.


CAR 605.04 states that "No person shall conduct a take-off in an aircraft for which an aircraft flight manual is required by the applicable standards of airworthiness, unless the aircraft flight manual ... is available to the flight crew members at their duty stations". This regulation also requires that the aircraft flight manual include all of the amendments and supplementary material that are applicable to the aircraft type.

The carrying on board of the original aircraft flight manual causes some difficulty for flight training units as these manuals are occasionally taken by students and rental pilots. This has an operational and economic impact on training units that could be resolved by allowing copies of aircraft flight manuals to be carried in place of the originals.


Certified aeroplane and helicopter flight training units shall be permitted to carry copies of aircraft flight manuals on board in place of the original manuals under the following conditions:

1.  The original copy is retained and kept current by the flight training unit and made available to Transport Canada for all inspections and audits.

2.  The copy carried on board indicates "Certified True Copy of the Original" and is a complete and current copy.

3.  Original manuals are carried on international flights.


This policy is effective immediately and will expire on publication of the 2nd Edition of the Flight Training Unit Certification Manual.

Manzur Huq
General Aviation