General Aviation Policy Letter (GAPL) No. 1998-10



Notification Requirement for Ultra-light Aeroplanes Towing Hang Gliders


Canadian Aviation Regulations, Part IV, Section 406.05 - Notification Requirement, Part VI, Section 602.22 - Towing and Section 602.29 - Hang Glider and Ultra-light Aeroplane Operation.


Air Regulation 510 prohibited the towing of objects by aircraft except where conditions were specified by the Minister. One of the recommendations of the Recreational Aviation Review Project was to permit the towing of hang gliders using ultra-light aeroplanes for the purpose of providing hang glider flight instruction. As a result, an authorization was issued to the Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada (HPAC) in March 1996.

This authorization imposed a requirement for HPAC affiliated hang gliding schools or clubs to notify Transport Canada of such operations. It was intended that the notification requirement for this type of activity would be included under the new CARs, however, it did not specifically appear in the final version. It was assumed that this use of ultra-light aeroplanes was included in the reference of CAR 406.05, "No person shall operate a flight training unit using a (n) ... ultra-light aeroplane in Canada unless the person notifies the Minister in writing...".


An amendment will be submitted to the CARAC Secretariat to add the following subsections to CAR 602.29:

602.29(6)  "A person may operate a flight training service in Canada using ultra-light aeroplanes to tow hang gliders, for the purpose of providing hang glider flight instruction, providing the person notifies the Minister in writing of:

(a)  the legal name, trade name and address of the school or club;

(b)  the base of operations;

(c)  the type and registration marks of the ultra-light aeroplane(s) being used;

(d)  proof of appropriate liability insurance to conduct the operation;

(e)  the name of the flight instructor who will be responsible for operational control of the operation.

(7)  The information referred to in subsection (6) shall be provided to the Minister by the flight training service:

(a)  prior to commencing flight instruction operations;

(b)  within 10 working days after any change in the information;

(c)  upon the service being discontinued."

This policy may be applied immediately. Please advise schools or clubs using ultra-light aeroplanes to tow hang gliders of the need to notify Transport Canada of the operation.


This Policy Letter will expire with the appropriate amendment to the CARs.


Manzur Huq
General Aviation