Civil aviation Integrated Management System (IMS) documents

The Integrated Management System (IMS) documents are internal procedures for Transport Canada External Delegates to carry out responsibilities on behalf of the Minister.

These IMS documents provide both Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) employees and Transport Canada External Delegates with specific information and procedural guidance to standardize the delivery of the Civil Aviation Program.

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IMS Standard and program manual

Civil Aviation Directives (CADs)

CADs are policy documents that provide formal direction and articulate specific responsibilities. As policies, they are mandatory in nature and application. How TCCA employees achieve policy expectations is documented in SIs and SSIs.

Document number Issue number Subject Effective date
Issue 02 Aviation Enforcement – Safety Management Systems 2009-08-19
Issue 01 Safety Partnership Programs Framework 2009-01-23
Issue 01 Communications and Stakeholder Engagement 2013-07-03
Issue 08 Mandatory Training for Civil Aviation Employees Who Develop, Deliver and/or Support Oversight Activities 2022-09-23
Issue 02 Civil Aviation Management of Information Technology 2010-12-21
Issue 01 Use and Protection of Proprietary Information and Documents 2016-06-08
Issue 01 Civil Aviation Integrated Management System 2013-08-01
Issue 05 Civil Aviation Documentation Framework 2019-02-26
Issue 02 Transport Canada Civil Aviation Integrated Risk Management Framework 2010-12-13
Issue 01 Civil Aviation Service Standards Framework 2010-04-01
Issue 01 Civil Aviation Internal Quality Assurance 2008-04-10
Issue 01 Integrated Planning, Monitoring and Reporting Framework (IPMRF) 2010-07-01
Issue 01 Civil Aviation Strategic Safety Risk Management Framework 2020-12-23
Issue 01 Exemptions from Regulatory Requirements 2009-10-01
Issue 02 Policy on the Use and Management of the Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) Consolidated Record of Authorities and Official Credentials 2014-10-27
Issue 02 Surveillance Policy 2012-05-29
Issue 01 Policy on the publication of Enforcement Action Summaries 2015-06-30
Issue 02 Surveillance Policy – Foreign Operators 2019-12-31

Staff Instructions (SIs)

SIs are guidance documents that provide TCCA employees with specific information and procedures to standardize the delivery of the Civil Aviation Program. SIs are consistent with departmental principles, policies and regulatory requirements.

Document number Issue number Subject Effective date
Issue 03 Enforcement Procedures 2018-01-01
Issue 01 Validation of an Accountable Executive 2006-07-26
Issue 02 Registration of Aircraft Subject to an Irrevocable De-Registration and Export Request Authorisation according to the Cape Town Convention and Protocol 2014-10-24
Issue 02 Airport Zoning Regulation 2010-11-16
Issue 02 Precision Approach Path Indicator Flight Check 2015-11-10
Issue 03 Assessment and Issuance of Conditions to an Airport or Heliport Certificate 2017-02-17
Issue 01 National Exemption to the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR) 302.07 (1)(a)(ii) 2015-09-15
Issue 01 Aerial Assessment Requirements Prior to Heliport Certification 2014-04-14
Issue 01 CAR 307 – Aerodromes – Consultations 2017-11-10
Issue 06 Administering Examinations for Flight Crew and Dispatchers 2018-02-08
Issue 02 Aviation Document Booklet 2009-09-04
Issue 03 Foreign Licence Validation Certificate 2019-03-20
Issue 01 Development of Flight Crew Examinations 2013-07-30
Issue 06 Conversion of FAA Pilot Certificates 2015-04-30
Issue 01 Approved Check Pilot Expanded Authority 2007-04-01
Issue 01 Issuance of a Private Pilot Licence – Aeroplane 2012-08-21
Issue 01 Requirement of Additional Training in Helicopters to Qualify for Chinese Commercial Pilot Licence-Helicopters (CPL-H) Pursuant to Canadian CPL-H 2017-06-23
Issue 01 Civil Aviation Medicine Cannabis Policy 2019-06-03
Issue 02 Multi-crew Pilot Licence Training Programs – Objectives and Requirements 2010-09-10
Issue 02 Approval of Airworthiness Limitations – Regional Aircraft Certification Projects 2008-02-12
Issue 02 Aircraft Certification Level of Involvement 2011-06-10
Issue 02 Development, Approval and Publication of Special Conditions – Airworthiness 2011-10-03
Issue 03 Transfer of Design Approval Documents to a New Holder 2022-05-13
Issue 01 Ferry Fuel System – Field Acceptance Criteria 2009-07-30
Issue 01 Review and Approval of Flight Test Operations Manual 2011-10-19
Issue 01 Airworthiness Evaluation of the Installation of IFR Equipment to Allow the Removal of the “VFR Only” Operating Condition from the Special Certificate of Airworthiness – Amateur-Built 2013-09-26
Issue 01 The Aircraft Certification Program in Transport Canada Civil Aviation 2015-10-22
Issue 04 Annual Airworthiness Information Report (AAIR) 2020-01-01
Issue 01 Delegation of Authority Process – Aircraft Certification 2007-07-20
Issue 03 Basic Standards for Training Delivered by Delegates 2009-06-02
Issue 02 Type Certification of Foreign Aeronautical Products – Determining the Level of Airworthiness Review 2007-06-15
Issue 02 Type Certification of Foreign Aeronautical Products 2008-03-14
Issue 01 Transport Canada Support for the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee 2007-03-06
Issue 03 Reciprocal Acceptance of Repair Design Approvals Between the FAA and TCCA 2008-12-01
Issue 01 Acceptance and Approval of Foreign Design Changes 2008-09-15
Issue 01 Alternate Maximum Certified Weight Approval 2008-01-31
Issue 01 Type Certification of Aeronautical Products 2012-03-23
Issue 01 Changes to the Type Design of an Aeronautical Product 2012-03-16
Issue 01 Supplemental Type Certificates 2012-03-16
Issue 01 Repair Design Approvals 2012-03-16
Issue 01 Part Design Approvals 2012-03-16
Issue 01 Division IX – Service Difficulty Reporting 2011-09-07
Issue 02 Kamov Ka-32A11BC Transport Category Rotorcraft Design Changes 2008-12-05
Issue 01 Application for a Federal Aviation Administration Letter of Technical Standard Order Design Approval 2009-05-01
Issue 01 Conversion of Commercially-produced Aircraft and Use of Commercially-produced Parts in Amateur-built Aircraft Projects 2008-10-23
Issue 01 Acceptance of Type 2 Aeronautical Database Providers 2022-10-18
Issue 01 Multiple-Choice Examination Question Development 2009-09-10
Issue 03 Application of the Transport Canada Civil Aviation-European Aviation Safety Agency Maintenance Annex Guidance 2019-05-01
Issue 01 Application of the Transport Canada Civil Aviation-Federal Aviation Administration Maintenance Implementation Procedures 2019-05-01
Issue 01 Application Procedures for the TCCA – UK CAA Technical Arrangement – Maintenance 2021-06-10
Issue 01 Agricultural Aeroplane Operations – Exemption from Subsection 605.03(1)(b) and Section 602.07 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations 2014-05-07
Issue 01 Aircraft Critical Surface Contamination Surveillance and Monitoring Strategies 2010-12-20
Issue 01 Alternative Means of Compliance (AMOC) with Airworthiness Directives Process 2021-08-20
Issue 02 Flight Crew Checking and Monitoring 2019-01-02
Issue 01 Review and Approval of Air Operator Submitted Helicopter Offshore Approach Procedures 2009-10-01
Issue 01 Approval Process for Level 7 Flight Training Devices for Commercial Operators – Approved Helicopter Pilot Training Programs 2014-06-25
Issue 02 Protective Breathing Equipment 2015-06-17
Issue 01 Fatigue Risk Management Systems – Review Procedures 2020-11-30
Issue 01 Flight Dispatcher Generic Examinations 2011-06-10
Issue 01 Procedures for Approval of Training in the Interpretation and Application of Standards and Criteria for the Development of Instrument Procedures 2011-11-16
Issue 01 Provision of Aviation Weather Elements of Standard Approach Information Services 2008-11-01
Issue 01 Provision of Aviation Weather Elements by Automatic Instrumentation (AWOS / LWIS and individual sensors) 2008-11-01
Issue 01 Dissemination of Non-aviation Weather Information for Aviation Purposes 2008-11-01
Issue 01 Processing of an Application for a Special Flight Operations Certificate for the Operation of a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (SFOC-RPAS) 2021-03-29
Issue 01 Responses to High Profile Aviation Occurrences 2009-01-15
Issue 02 Activity Reporting and Standards System (ARASS) 2016-12-01
Issue 01 Information Management in Civil Aviation 2020-05-04
Issue 01 Civil Aviation Postage, Freight and Courier Services 2011-01-11
Issue 01 Centralized Services of Office Supplies for Civil Aviation (Headquarters) 2010-12-24
Issue 01 Service Level Agreement – Between Management Services, Centralized Administrative Services Division and Civil Aviation Headquarters Branches 2011-07-21
Issue 01 Transport Canada Civil Aviation Response to External Investigating Authorities 2016-09-01
Issue 01 Civil Aviation Process for Identification of Learning 2012-05-15
Issue 01 Civil Aviation Systems Approach to Learning 2012-05-15
Issue 01 Civil Aviation IT Project Proposal and Initiation Procedure 2012-07-31
Issue 01 Civil Aviation Business IT Investment Sub-committee IT Project Proposal Evaluation Procedure 2012-07-31
Issue 01 Civil Aviation Forms Design Development Procedures 2015-05-15
Issue 02 Procedural Guidance for Cabin Safety Inspectors 2022-02-25
Issue 01 Procedures for Aircraft and Runway Stop Group Determination 2018-02-01
Issue 01 State Civil Aviation Transport Canada Auditors for ICAO Missions 2018-03-07
Issue 02 Linguistic Services in Civil Aviation 2018-07-01
Issue 01 Gifts, Meeting Keepsakes and Hospitalities 2018-09-10
Issue 01 Service Standard Tracking Sheet, Aircraft Certification 2019-09-02
Issue 01 Technical Inspection (TI) – Aviation Group Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) Licence Renewal Fee 2022-04-12
Issue 01 Minister’s Observer / Technical Advisor (MOTA) Procedures 2022-02-23
Issue 01 Inspection Procedures for Highway Tanks Used on Aerodrome Property 2008-04-09
Issue 02 Technical Reference Centre Holdings and Operations 2011-04-13
Issue 01 Acquisition of Civil Aviation Calling Cards (Business Cards) 2014-08-08
Issue 02 Request and Provision of Guidance – National Aviation Safety Information Management System 2013-10-11
Issue 01 Clothing and Equipment Entitlements and Guidelines: Civil Aviation Safety Inspector (CASI), Delegated Officer (DO), and Minister’s Observer (MO) 2010-06-23
Issue 01 Technical Reference Centre Policies and Procedures 2011-04-27
Issue 01 Shared Skies Program 2019-11-30
Issue 01 Clarification concerning the expression "normally employed" found in the Canada Labour Code, Part II 2008-07-07
Issue 05 Civil Aviation Document Development Procedures 2019-02-26
Issue 01 Civil Aviation Project Management Framework 2011-11-10
Issue 03 Risk Management Process for Aviation Safety Activities 2013-06-14
Issue 01 Civil Aviation Service Standards Improvement Process 2010-04-01
Issue 01 Civil Aviation Procedure for the Conduct of an Integrated Management System (IMS) Self-Assessment 2008-04-10
Issue 01 Civil Aviation Procedure for the Conduct of an Integrated Management System (IMS) Formal Assessment 2008-04-10
Issue 01 Transport Canada Civil Aviation Technical Program Evaluation 2014-10-15
Issue 02 Civil Aviation Integrated Business Planning and Reporting 2010-07-01
Issue 01 Civil Aviation Management Review 2012-05-07
Issue 01 Procedures for Developing and Implementing a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) 2014-09-03
Issue 01; correction (English only) Surveillance Quality Assurance Program 2019-04-01; 2019-04-10 (correction)
Issue 01 Process for the Assessment of Exemptions from the Canadian Aviation Regulations 2008-04-14
Issue 02 Civil Aviation process for Reconsideration of Tribunal Decisions 2017-05-31
Issue 01 Processing Exemptions from Airport Zoning Regulations 2011-02-18
Issue 01 Process and procedures associated with the Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) Consolidated Record of Authorities and Official Credentials 2014-10-27
Issue 09 Surveillance Procedures 2020-08-04
Issue 03 Enhanced Monitoring Program 2013-12-02
Issue 03 Safety Management Systems – Civil Aviation Non-Compliance Event Review 2010-03-08
Issue 02 Fatigue Risk Management System Assessment Guide 2011-03-22
Issue 02 Suspension or Cancellation of Canadian Aviation Documents for Safety Reasons 2020-06-09
Issue 01 Refusal or Revocation of Non-Canadian Aviation Document Ministerial Approvals 2011-07-19
Issue 01 Suspension or Cancellation of Canadian Aviation Documents for Regulatory Purposes (Ref. S. 6.8 of the Aeronautics Act) 2011-09-09
Issue 01 Pilot Examiner Monitoring Procedures 2013-01-23
Issue 03 Ramp Surveillance Planning and Procedures – Foreign Operators 2019-12-31
Issue 02 Oversight Advisory Board (OAB) 2020-05-26
Issue 07 Surveillance Planning Instructions 2022-09-16
Issue 02 Writing Findings for Non-Compliance 2019-10-07
Issue 01 CAR Part IX RPAS Flight Reviewer and TP 15263 Self-declared Training Provider Surveillance 2021-12-03
Issue 01 On-Site Inspection Procedures During COVID-19 2020-04-18
Issue 01 Targeted Inspection Program 2022-01-12
Issue 01 CADORS Follow-up 2022-11-18

Supplementary Staff Instructions (SSIs)

SSIs are guidance documents that provide TCCA employees with complementary information on a given subject, specific to a Branch or a Region. SSIs are usually linked to SIs or higher level documents, as applicable.

Document number Issue number Subject Effective date
Issue 01 Personnel Licensing 2016-12-22
Issue 02 Recreational Aviation 2017-01-16
Issue 01 Approved Organization Certificates 2012-12-01
Issue 01 Annual Airworthiness Information Report (AAIR) Quality Review 2021-08-17
Issue 01 Continuing Airworthiness Review Board (CARB) Process 2022-04-05
Issue 01 Mandatory Continuing Airworthiness Information for Foreign Aeronautical Products 2021-11-23
Issue 01 Safety Features Card Acceptance Process 2009-12-18
Issue 01 Processing an Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Request 2009-05-04
Issue 03 Document Consultation Procedures – Atlantic Region 2015-03-09
Issue 01 Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) 2007-03-06
Issue 01 Reporting Information on High Visibility Occurrences 2013-03-21
Issue 02 ccmMercury Business Rules – Civil Aviation Operations – Atlantic Region 2018-07-16
Issue 04 High Profile Occurrences and Notes for the Minister’s Office – Question Period 2014-10-22
Issue 01 Briefing Documents 2009-10-12
Issue 01 Quick Reference List 2010-02-01
Issue 02 Roles and Responsibilities in Application Development and Technology Management (ADTM) 2011-11-23
Issue 01 Procedures for Aviation Terminology and Linguistic Services Division Personnel—English Editor-Terminologist 2011-01-01
Issue 01 Procedures for Aviation Terminology and Linguistic Services Division Personnel—French Editor-Terminologist 2011-01-01
Issue 01 Procedures for Aviation Terminology and Linguistic Services Division Personnel—Service Co-ordinator 2011-01-01
Issue 01 Equipment Loan Procedures for Controlled Items, Management Services, Civil Aviation 2010-12-13
Issue 01 Acquisition And Usage of BlackBerry Devices in National Operations 2010-11-23
Issue 01 Electronic Transfer of Large Files 2011-02-02
Issue 01 Digital Asset Management (DAM), Multimedia Products and Services (MPS) Division 2011-02-22
Issue 03 National Operations Telework Arrangements 2019-01-29
Issue 01 Retention and Safekeeping of Official Passports within Standards Branch, Civil Aviation 2012-05-18
Issue 01 Records, Documents and Information Management Systems (RDIMS) Business Rules 2012-12-01
Issue 02 Building Access Procedures to 159 Cleopatra Drive, Nepean, Ontario 2019-02-04
Issue 01 National Operations Branch Standard Operating Procedures – Common Information and Branch Administrative Processes and Procedures 2016-01-04
Issue 01 Retention and Maintenance of Aeronautical Product Manufacturer, Make, and Model Information 2020-07-17
Issue 02 Application of Electronic Signatures in National Aircraft Certification 2021-06-16
Issue 01 Management of the In-Service Investigation Mailbox by the Continuing Airworthiness Division of National Aircraft Certification 2021-04-19
Issue 01 Operation, Use and Maintenance of Departmental Motor Vehicles and Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) within the Management Services Branch 2010-04-30
Issue 01 Multimedia Products and Services (MPS) Division’s Process for the Issuance of Transport Canada Identification/Access Card to MPS Personnel 2010-04-30
Issue 01 Policies and Procedures Specific to the Technical Reference Centre - Quebec Region 2021-01-27
Issue 01 Portable Radio Operations, Multimedia Products and Services (MPS) Division 2010-07-01
Issue 01 Development of Civil Aviation Safety Alerts - National Aircraft Certification Branch 2022-03-22
Issue 01 Program Evaluation – Evaluability Assessments and Performance Monitoring 2014-10-15
Issue 01 Process Control, Quality Control and Quality Assurance of Surveillance Activities 2021-08-15
Issue 01 Processing Exemption Requests in AARR 2008-11-18
Issue 01 Regional Process for Regulatory Exemptions 2022-08-31
Issue 01 Regional Regulatory Exemptions 2013-01-31
Issue 01 Surveillance Procedures for National Aircraft Certification 2017-06-20
Issue 01 Surveillance Procedures – ANS Operations 2017-01-03
Issue 01 Regional Surveillance Program Responsibilities 2021-03-08
Issue 01 Minister Delegate – Maintenance (MD-M) and Production (MD-P) 2021-04-01
Issue 01 Maintenance Schedules Approval 2012-12-01
Issue 01 Parallel Observations and Findings Procedures 2013-01-01
Issue 02 Surveillance Planning and Reporting for National Operations 2021-06-10

Internal Process Bulletins (IPBs)

IPBs are a means to promptly inform TCCA employees on immediate and significant changes and/or interpretations to a government policy, a CAD or an SI.

Document number Issue number Subject Effective date
Issue 02 Proposed Changes to Reporting Criteria for High Profile Events 2012-08-31
Issue 01 Temporary Changes to the Procedure for the Issuance of Regional Exemptions from the Canadian Aviation Regulations 2014-05-15
Issue 01 AWM 563 Distributers 2014-08-29
Issue 02 Changes to the Assessment of Experience Acquired on Special Federal Aviation Regulation (SFAR) 41C Certified Aircraft by an AME Licence Applicant Requesting an M1 or M2 Rating 2021-10-09
Issue 01 Guidance as it Relates to Model Aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Activities 2015-03-16
Issue 01 Overdue Pilot Accounts 2015-03-24
Issue 01 Immediate Change to the Procedure for the Issuance of Exemptions From the Canadian Aviation Regulations 2015-12-30
Issue 01 Process to Determine Office of Primary Interest (OPI) for Enterprises 2015-12-15
Issue 01 Replacement of the Operating Conditions and Special Certificates of Airworthiness – Limited Issued Under Exemptions Dated Before 2017 2017-05-01
Issue 02 AME Licence Photograph and Validity Period Changes 2018-02-16
Issue 01 Guidance on the Assessment of Global Positioning System (GPS) Functionality in Flight Training Devices (FTD) Used for Instrument Proficiency Checks (IPC) 2018-04-13
Issue 01 Changes to the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) System and the AME Licence 2019-04-01
Issue 01 Changes to Aircraft Registration Procedures 2019-05-08
Issue 01 Flight of an Aircraft Displaying Marks Assigned to a Manufacturer Into the United States of America 2019-09-17
Issue 05 Authorizing Deviations From Approved Maintenance Schedules Made Necessary by COVID-19 Disruptions 2022-08-24
Issue 05 Interim Changes for the Delivery of Basic Training Programs by Approved Training Organizations Made Necessary by COVID-19 Disruptions 2022-11-30
Issue 06 Interim Changes for the Delivery of Approved Aircraft Type Maintenance Training Made Necessary by COVID-19 Disruptions 2022-11-28
Issue 04 Interim Changes to the AME Licence Application Procedures 2022-07-25
Issue 03 Conducting Onsite Activities During the COVID-19 Pandemic 2021-10-25
Issue 05 Interim Changes to Small Private Aircraft Maintenance Schedule Tolerance and Deviation Requests Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic 2022-08-24
Issue 01 TCCA Approval of the Undocumented Parts Process 2020-07-22
Issue 01 Remote Surveillance During the COVID-19 Pandemic 2020-12-11
Issue 03 Validity Extension for Minister’s Delegates – Maintenance (MD-M) 2022-02-11
Issue 02 Discontinuing Findings for Non-compliance With Manuals, Programs, Systems or Procedures 2020-12-18
Issue 01 Acceptance of FAA Supplemental Type Certificates for Eligible U.S. State of Design Parts 23 and 27 Aircraft 2021-05-12
Issue 01 Discontinuation Of Embossing Seals And Special Paper 2020-12-01
Issue 02 Temporary Postponement of the Invigilation of Regulatory Examinations for Appointed Individuals in an Approved Organization During the COVID-19 Pandemic 2022-01-01
Issue 01 Issuance of Restricted Certification Authority (RCA) for Exemptions NCR-121-2020, NCR-122-2020 and NCR-123-2020 2021-04-09
Issue 02 Supporting Guidanxe to SI 903-002 – Processing of an Application for a Special Flight Operations Certificate for the Operation of a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (SFOC-RPAS) 2021-12-01
Issue 01 Memorandum of Understanding Between the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces and Transport Canada, Concerning the Responsibilities for Canadian Civil Registered Aircraft Performing Activities Relating to Defence for the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces 2021-07-16
Issue 01 Introduction of the Finding for Noncompliance with a Certification Requirement 2021-08-27
Issue 02 Interim Changes to Limitations for Issuance of Aircraft Certification Authority Based on Foreign Qualifications Made Necessary by COVID-19 Disruptions 2021-12-29
Issue 01 AME Licence Examination Accommodation Policy 2022-06-07
Issue 01 Minister’s Interviews of Persons Appointed to a Maintenance or Manufacturing Management Position 2022-09-07
Issue 01 Introduction of New Electronic AME Licence Application Forms 2022-07-29
Issue 02 Experience Being Claimed by AME Applicants During the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) 2022-08-18
Issue 01 Foreign Electronic Personnel Licences (EPL) 2022-08-03
Issue 01 Regional and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Task Force (RPAS TF) Responsibilities Relating to the Part IX SFOC Application Process 2022-09-12