General Aviation Policy Letter (GAPL) No. 2004-04

GAPL 2004-04 

This Policy Letter supersedes GAPL 2003-04 dated 2003-11-04.


Approval of Part IV Flight Training Devices


CAR 606.03 - Synthetic Flight Training Equipment.


Enforce the requirements of TP 9685 - Aeroplane & Rotorcraft Simulator Manual.


Part IV Flight Training Devices (FTD) are those devices used by Flight Training Units (FTU) operating in accordance with a FTU Operator Certificate issued pursuant to Subpart 406 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).

FTDs must meet the requirements of CAR section 606.03 - Synthetic Flight Training Equipment, which states in part "No person shall use synthetic flight training equipment for pilot training or a pilot proficiency check required pursuant to Part IV, this Part or Part VII unless there is in force in respect of that equipment a flight simulator certificate or flight training device certificate issued pursuant to subsection (2).".

Level 1 FTDs are those previously approved and listed in the TP 2943 - Personnel Licensing Procedures Manual (PLPM) dated October 1991 and are those devices approved under the provisions of Section 4.9 of TP 9685 - Aeroplane and Rotorcraft Simulator Manual which provided for a temporary approved status to January 1st, 1997.

The Level 1 FTDs listed are eligible for qualification as Level 2 or Level 5 devices in accordance with the certification requirements contained in TP 13799 - Qualification Test Guide - CAR Part IV Flight Training Devices - Level 2 or 5 - Aeroplane, available at the TC website at:

In summary, for simulated flight training credits to be recognized for licences and ratings, FTU operators must meet the initial certification requirements for Level 2 or Level 5 FTDs and must annually verify that the FTD continues to meet the standards established for the initial certification.


Effective September 1, 2005 applicable experience credits for licences and ratings will only be accepted for training conducted on approved FTDs for which a flight training device certificate is in effect. The pilot training records (PTR) must identify the certificate number of the FTD used for each logged training session.


Manzur Huq
General Aviation