Air Operator Maintenance Control Manual (MCM) Checklist - TP 14427

Instructions for use:

This document is intended to help an air operator confirm that their Maintenance Control Manual (MCM) meets the regulatory requirements. It can also be used by a Transport Canada inspector as a checklist to assist with the MCM review prior to approval.

The regulatory reference is shown for each requirement and columns are provided for the organization to indicate where in the MCM each item is addressed and for comments to be added by the organization.

A companion document to assist in developing an MCM is the Maintenance Control Manual Guide.

Item Regulatory Reference Content MCM Reference Comments
1 STD 726.08 (1)(a) Table of contents
  • Sections
  • Descriptions
  • Page numbers
2 STD 726.08 (1)(b) Legal name of air operator
  • Legal
  • "Doing Business As" (D.B.A.)
3 STD 726.08 (1)(c) Description of air operator
  • Corporate office location
  • Size of the organization
  • Number of employees
  • Type and number of aircraft
  • Nature of the operation
4 STD 726.08 (1)(d) Compliance Statement (Manual certification)
  • Appropriate certification statement confirming that the MCM and any incorporated document identified therein reflect the certificate holder's means of compliance with CAR 706.08.
  • Signed by certificate holder
  • Date
  • Provision for Transport Canada approval signature
5 STD 726.08 (1)(e) Amendment control
  • Amendment procedures
  • Submission for TC approval
  • Distribution
  • Method to ensure that each copy of the MCM is amended within 30 days of approval
6 STD 726.08 (1)(f) List of effective pages
  • Identify each page of the MCM
  • Identify the amendment status of each page by date and/or revision number
  • Signature blocks for TC and the certificate holder
7 STD 726.08 (1)(g) Distribution control
  • Name or title of each person who holds a copy
  • Method of control (i.e. serial number)
8 STD 726.08 (1)(h) Assignment of functions
  • Name and title of person assigned (i.e. Organization chart)
  • Details of assigned functions
9 STD 726.08 (1)(I) Performance standards
  • Details of any standards for the performance of elementary work or servicing other than manufactures recommendations
10 STD 726.08 (1)(j) Regulatory and technical information
  • List of regulatory and technical data available for elementary work and servicing
  • Description of how the company ensures that appropriate information is available when and where needed
11 STD 726.08 (1)(k) Technical records
  • Maintenance record keeping method
  • Recording of elementary work
  • Recording of maintenance
  • Recording of defects
  • Retention of technical records
12 STD 726.08 (1)(l) Approved maintenance schedules
  • Identify the maintenance schedule used for each aircraft type operated
Note: There is no requirement to include the maintenance schedules with the MCM.
13 STD 726.08 (1)(m) Maintenance planning and control
  • Tracking of the aircraft status
  • Forecasting and arranging scheduled maintenance
  • Rectification of defects
  • Tracking and accomplishing Airworthiness Directives
  • Use and control of tolerances
14 STD 726.08 (1)(n) Evaluation program
  • Description of the evaluation program
  • Review of all manufacturers publications
  • Review of maintenance schedules
  • Internal and external audit frequency
  • Recording findings
  • Determining root causes
  • Developing and implementing corrective actions
  • Follow-up actions to ensure effective corrective action
  • If applicable, carry over results to the training program for employee update training
  • Retention of evaluation records
15 STD 726.08 (1)(o) Defect control and rectification
  • Recording defects
  • Rectification of defects
  • Identifying recurring defects
  • Defect rectification deferral
  • Use of the MEL (if applicable)
  • Securing or deactivating unserviceable equipment
  • Notification to the pilot of the aircraft status
16 STD 726.08 (1)(p) Service difficulty reporting
  • Reporting procedures
  • Method of reporting to Transport Canada
  • Person responsible for reporting
17 STD 726.08 (1)(q) Technical dispatch
  • Ferry flight authorizations
  • Dispatch for extended range operations
  • Dispatch for all weather operations
  • Dispatch for any other special operations
  • Determination of aircraft condition as well as operational configuration
  • Confirmation that all scheduled maintenance has been carried out
  • Confirmation that all Airworthiness Directives have been accomplished
  • Notification to the pilot of the aircraft status
18 STD 726.08 (1)(r) Parts and materials
  • Identification of parts and materials used for elementary work and servicing
  • Part pooling arrangements
  • Traceability
  • Storage
  • Handling procedures
19 STD 726.08 (1)(s) Elementary work and servicing
  • Identification of elementary work
  • Description of required training
  • Personal authorizations
  • Initial training
  • Update training
  • Additional training
  • Human factors training
  • Training cycle
  • Record keeping for training and authorizations
20 STD 726.08 (1)(t) Personal records
  • Description of what records are maintained
  • Retention period (minimum two years)
  • Employee copy of record
21 STD 726.08 (1)(u) Weight and balance control
  • Recording aircraft empty weight and balance
  • Alternate configuration control
22 STD 726.08 (1)(v) Maintenance arrangements
  • List of all maintenance arrangements
  • Assessment of the maintenance provider
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Airworthiness Directive accomplishment
  • Unscheduled maintenance and defect rectification
  • Communication between the air operator and the maintenance provider
23 STD 726.08 (1)(w) Flight authority applicant
  • Identification of the responsible person
24   Sample Company forms (as applicable)