Exercise 9 — Steep Turn


To determine the trainee's ability to perform a level, co-ordinated steep turn.


At an operationally safe altitude, the trainee will be asked to execute a steep turn through 180°, with an angle of bank of 45°, then without pause, reverse the turn to roll out on the original heading. The trainee will specify the selected altitude, airspeed and initial heading prior to entering the turn.

Performance Criteria

The trainee will:

  • complete appropriate safety precautions before entering the steep turn;
  • enter a smooth, coordinated 180° steep turn with 45° bank, immediately followed by a 180° steep turn in the opposite direction;
  • maintain altitude within +/-100 feet;
  • maintain airspeed within +/-10 knots;
  • maintain angle of bank within +/-10° of that assigned;
  • Divide attention between aeroplane and lookout;
  • roll out on the entry heading +/-10°.