This reference sets out the competency requirements for the complex aeroplane experience required in CPL(A) and CPL(A)/IR integrated courses.

Detailed descriptions and explanations of the exercises as can be found by referring to the corresponding chapter number in the Flight Training Manual (Catalogue No. T52-14/1994E) published under the authority of Transport Canada.

Complex aeroplane competency is determined by check instructors appointed by the Flight Training Unit. Certification that this competency has been attained will be recorded on the training records for the trainee. Where the commercial pilot flight test is conducted on a complex aeroplane, or where a multi-engine class rating is obtained, a separate determination of complex aeroplane competency is not required.

"complex aeroplane" — means an aeroplane having retractable landing gear, flaps, and a constant speed propeller. A complex seaplane is one having flaps and a constant speed propeller.